Auction & Related Services


Whether the object of your collecting affection has been coins, jewelry, firearms, militaria, antiques, railroad, sports memorabilia, advertising, toys, vintage vehicle, or any number of other categories; chances are that we have worked with similar items in the past! Initial consultations are offered at no charge to assess the collection and discuss the best way to “rehome” your valuables.


Dealing with a lifetime accumulation of items from dinnerware to vehicles can certainly seem overwhelming! We will be happy to meet with you for a walk-through; we will guide you through the process as to which items would be suitable for sale, which would be best to discard or donate....who knows....we may find treasures that you did not know you had (has happened many times before)! Special note: Well-maintained vehicles of all types sell quite well at auction; happy to provide an estimate during our consultation.

Business Retirement & Liquidation Sales

Business Retirement and Liquidation Sales: We offer a variety of services for the sale of inventory and equipment from nearly any type of business. Past experience includes restaurants, landscaping, heavy equipment, vehicles, automotive repair, machine shop, manufacturing; along with a variety of retail inventory including floor covering, appliances & home furnishings.

Agricultural Equipment

Denise grew up in Northwest Iowa where her family worked several Century Farms. The family business is still in full operation, so she understands the business well from antiques to today's high-tech equipment. Her Grandfather took over the farm when they were tilling with horse drawn equipment & shelling corn by hand; he lived long enough to see a laptop and monitor in the combine.

Purchase, Tag Sale & Ebay Services:

If you prefer not to consider the auction route, we are available to assist with a tag sale. In addition, we offer Ebay service for items that have value but that may not realize the best potential result in a live auction setting. Finally, some clients prefer to have an Estate purchased in total; we will consider that on a case-by-case basis.


We provide written appraisals suitable for insurance, estate and other legal proceedings. Costs vary based on the type and number of items being valued, along with the detail required. See separate tab to learn more about personal property appraisals.