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Nov 13 , 2021


**Preview:  Available by appointment.   Preview will include firearms only.  Please come prepared with a list of items that you would like to inspect.**   If you are unable to bid online, phone & absentee bids will be accepted.  Please email or call by Thursday November 11th to make arrangements.

Krogh Collection: Firearms & Related Items; Ammunition; Militaria.

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This is a wonderful lifetime collection that will be offered at two online Auctions. The quality & variety of this offering is amongst the best that we have ever cataloged! Over 300 firearms including many rare examples. A later sale will feature antique Harley Davidson & Indian Motorcycles and rare parts. John Deere Tractors, Skid Loader. Gold & Silver! 

Revolvers & Pistols:
Colt: An exceptional collection; over 50 guns! SAA highlights include: Rare! 1880 U.S. marked Artillery model (1 of 250 guns in shipment), later refurbished at Colt & sent to Commanding Officer at Springfield Armory in 1903 (letter). 1874 civilian model in .44-40, matching numbers. Rare! 1901 SAA in .32-30 w/matching numbers on frame/trigger guard. 1908 Colt SAA Bisley in .38 wcf. Many more SAA examples…see full listing! A great group of 1911’s, including, beautiful 1943 Military Model 1911A1. 1931 Colt Ace 1911; and many others inc. WWI & WWII examples. “Snake” guns, inc. Python & Diamondback. Detective Specials inc. unfired in box. Many New Frontier examples, Troopers & more!
Other Highlights: There are over 130 handguns; many other rare vintage examples & quite a few new in boxes/cases. A few highlights: Beretta 92FS Vertec; Bond Snake Slayer; Browning 1911-22. FN Herstal Five-Seven. Remington Rand 1911A1 & Remington 1911R1. Nice group of Rugers inc. several Vaquero/New Vaquero examples & SR1911. S&W Victory Model; Springfield 1911A1. Taurus Judge. Many great Uberti tribute guns!

Rifles & Shotguns:
Winchester: 50+ great Winchesters including: Several great Model 1873 rifles (various calibers); Terrific model 1876 (mfg. 1883) in .45-60; Beautiful Model 1892 in .25-20. Many 1894’s including 1906 takedown & a Centennial Grade 1. First year Model 53; Model 65 in 218bee. Excellent Model 70 & 71 examples…and so many more!
Springfield Armory: Great group including 188Trapdoor Carbine; 1896 Krag Carbine; 1898 Krag Jorgensen. Many great M1’s including a gas trap receiver, and M1D and several great M1A examples.
Other Rifle & Shotgun Highlights: Smith Corona 03-A3; Inland M1 Carbine; a good number of Enfield & Arisaka Rifles. Nice group of Savage examples including 1899G Takedown; (2) Model 10 with nice scopes; Model 24V. Great group of Remington shotguns & rifles. Others, including many “tribute” reproduction rifles new in boxes. Great antique coach guns and more.

Large Caliber & Semi-Auto Rifles
TNW Browning M2HB .50BMG Semi-Auto Machine Gun & many accessories! Historic Arms WWII Bren Semi-Auto Rifle in .303 Brit. Allied Armament “Browning” 1919A4 Semi-Automatic Rifle w/ Tripod in .308. ArmaLite AR50 .50BMG Bolt Action Rifle with Simmons 6.5-20 x 50mm Whitetail Scope. Armalite AR10 & AR15s. DPMS AR15s & LR308. Many other similar rifles…in new/like new condition!

Ammunition & Accessories
Thousands of rounds of ammunition in ammo cans; loose, linked; some in stripper clips (reloads and new). Nice group of vintage ammo. Large selection of gunsmithing items, parts, grips, checkering sets, cleaning kits, etc. Bayonets, knives (vintage & new). 

Note:  Watch for the second Auction with Motorcycles, Coins, Guitars & much more!