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Dec 09 , 2017


Please make plans to attend this terrific sale, featuring an exceptional group of Militaria from the Civil War on; rare firearms & edged weapons; much more!

Photos have been updated...and include some RARE new addition firearms!  See below for details:   To see a captioned (by lot number) photo gallery go to our Auctionzip listing (Captions will be complete by 12/4).​

Firearms: Beautifully engraved antique Colt SA revolvers in custom cases; Indian Wars-era 1873 Springfield Trapdoor SRC; WWII Russian Nagant pistol & Japanese Arisaka rifle; rare WWII Swift training rifle S.R. MK111 in original case (RAF). New additions!! Colt 1911 (’45) new in original box; Colt 1911 (’18) like new in box post-rebuild & other early 1911’s. Rare 41/42 German Luger; Colt Frontier Scout (in box). Rare WWII Saginaw & Rock-Ola M1 carbines. Belknap .410; Winchester Model 77 .22 LR: Western 20 ga. & more! Also, holsters & accessories inc. WWII German.

Edged Weapons, Etc: Terrific swords: WWI “Patton” Cavalry & many WWII German examples inc. Seilheimer & Eickhorn (Solingen) examples; named USN dress sword. KABAR fighting knives inc. USN MK2 & USMC. Japanese bayonet; German fighting knife. Rare WWII British bakelite grenade & more! Also: US Cartridge Co. advertising poster from the 1880’s.

Civil War; Span-Am; Indian Wars: CW veteran’s ladder badge (named), CW & Span-Am veteran’s reunion ribbons & souvenirs. Indian War U.S. Army surgeon's kepi; CW relic bullet; period tactical manuals. Other ephemera including tintypes & advertising! Plus, CSA bond w/Stonewall Jackson vignette.

Uniforms, Gear, Insignia/Medals, Flags Etc.: USAF flight jackets; Nurse’s jacket & overcoat (named); Kriegsmarine uniform. WWII German M1943 field cap; Luftschutz Air Raid helmet (with liner); WWI German helmet; US WWII flight helmet; rare Japanese WWII Navy cap. WWII Air Medal groups (one is named to B-17 pilot); additional U.S., British, German & Japanese medals inc. rare SA table medal & parade mounted groups. Patches, shirt eagles, buckles & many armbands. Note: Exceptional group of WWII German stickpins. WAVE dog tags & insignia. Terrific Japanese & German flags/banners. Field gear includes backpacks, canteens & more. Additional ephemera: passes, manuals & technical gear.

Special Mention: Posters, Art, Sake Cups & Rare Allach Porcelain! Dozens of posters including a fantastic group of WWI linen-backed USN recruiting posters from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Many additional WWI examples. WWII Free French Press “Liberty” poster & dozens of exceptional US WWII examples inc. Margie Stewart No. 12! Original art inc. WWII watercolor of SS Foreign Legion troops & more. Very rare Allach Vase & AH plate! Dozens of sake cups including many unusual examples.

Trench Art, Homefront & Ephemera: US trench art inc. fabulous lamp, decorated shells & more. Terrific German trench art dagger. Pin-up art; USO items; neat WWI aviation pillow cover; children’s items. Excellent group of US & German magazines, scrapbooks, photo albums, cigarette card albums, funeral cards, & many other great items…be sure to see complete catalog/gallery on our website!

** Absentee & Phone Bids are accepted on all lots; email or call to get set up to bid.

Late addition guns:  Scroll down for the rest of the catalog or download a copy to print under "documents."

​156e. Meriden 12 ga. Single shot choke bore shotgun SN18841
156f. Remington Model 10 pump-action 12 ga. Shotgun; full choke. SN 251427
156g. WWII Rock-Ola M1 Carbine SN4565175. No magazine
156h. WWII Saginaw Gear (GM) M1 Carbine. Has original sling & 1 magazine (WEP). Some rust pitting on end of barrel. SN3310402
156i. Colt 1911 AA arsenal rebuild, in box. Very nice gun, looks to have not been fired since. SN 486398 dates to 1918
156j. Colt 1911, appears new in original box. SN dates to 1945; has or Two magazines, one still in original wrap & one packed with cosmoline. Never fired; has ordnance stamp – great example of original WWII gun. SN 1444865
156k. Mossberg Model 51m Rifle; .22 LR. NSN visible
156l. H&R Top-break; nickel-plated. Barrel measures .355 (probably .38); Clean gun. SN 252
156m. Colt 1911. Original finish with light surface rust in spots but no pitting. Wood grips; 2-tone magazine. SN 24340
156n. WWII Colt 1911 (Remington Rand). Original finish; light surface rust on one side. Plastic grips. SN 1023404
156o. Rare German 41/42 Luger. 1941 with ’42 code. Numbers matching; correct magazine with non-matching number. Less than 7000 of this variant were manufactured. SN 3439
156p. Colt Frontier Scout. Dual cylinders - .22 LR & .22 Mag. Like new in box. SN 1369731.

December 9th Catalog:
  1. Lot of (5) WWII Pepsi-Cola “Your Man in Service” 45 rpm records
  2. WWI German helmet (no liner – some remains of camo paint)
  3. (2) sets of WWI U.S. Army leggings
  4. Lot of 28 back issues of Journal of the Order and Medals Society of America
  5. Nice WWII U.S. Army soldier’s sewing kit with all contents
  6. Choice from large Riker mount with WWII “Sons/Sons in Service” item and sweetheart jewelry
  7. Lot of (3) WWII German propaganda postcards with U-boat commanders on them
  8. WWII propaganda poster “Do With Less – So They Have Enough”. It is a 1943 OWI poster and measures 28 ½” x 40”.
  9. 1942 U.S. OWI propaganda poster “The Sound That Kills – Don’t Murder with Idle Words”. This 14” x 20” poster features a cartoon strip showing how idle talk in a diner leads to a U-boat sinking a ship.
  10. Choice from lot of (3) watercolors done during WWII by Geraldine Flescher of Omaha, Nebraska. Two are of U.S. military nurses; the other is a more pin-up style painting of a girl in a scant military uniform.
  11. Envelope with booklet, photo and letter from Gustav Schildkraut who was sent to Siberia and later fought with Polish Forces at Monte Cassino in WWII
  12. WWII USN WAVE’s dog tag and insignia
  13. WWI U.S. propaganda poster “Hun or Home? Buy More Liberty Bonds”. The poster measures 20” x 30” and dates from 1918.
  14. WWII U.S. OWI propaganda poster “Give Your Best!” with an American 48 star flag as background. It measures 20” x 28” and is dated 1942.
  15. WWII 9th AAF IX Fighter Command 2911th Bombardment Squadron Air Medal group. Includes Air Medal in coffin case, 1943 medal award General Order and theater made felt 9th Air Force patch.
  16. WWII Shulton Early American Friendship’s Garden “Buy War Bonds and Stamps” advertising fan (double-sided)
  17. 1919 souvenir for the U.S. Government War Exposition in Chicago
  18. WWII USO grouping. Includes USO armband and USO scrapbook put together by young girl for servicemen
  19. Group of paper items from WWI German Aerial observer
  20. 1900 Boer War souvenir postcard
  21. WWII U.S. OWI propaganda poster “I’ll Carry Mine Too! Trucks and Tires Must Last Till Victory”. This 1943 poster has a B&W background of soldiers marching with a color image of a woman carrying packages and groceries.
  22. Rare! U.S. Treasury Dept. framed “Motion Picture Industry Citation”. This was given to theater owners who sold a bond for every seat in their theaters during the 4th War Loan Drive.
  23. WWII menu from Adams House Restaurant in Boston, Mass. with “V” for Victory bond ad
  24. Lot of (2) I.G. Farben worker’s magazines – Issues 5 and 6 from 1935. I.G. Farben was the company that developed Zyclon B for the killing of concentration camp inmates. The directors of the company were tried for war crimes after the war ended.
  25. 1941 Deutsches Reichspost fancy telegram folio with large eagle and swastika on back
  26. Lot of (7) WWI photos including one of Pershing and one of skulls and bones in a trench
  27. Box of early 1930’s Nazi Party/Hitler cigarette cards
  28. Choice from group of 10 sake cups
  29. Choice from group of 10 sake cups
  30. Choice from group of 10 sake cups
  31. Choice from group of 10 sake cups
  32. Choice from group of 10 sake cups
  33. Choice from group of 10 sake cups
  34. Choice from group of 10 sake cups
  35. Choice from group of 10 sake cups
  36. Choice from group of 10 sake cups
  37. Choice from group of 10 sake cups
  38. 1939 “Memoirs of a Vet” by Nick Nichols – book about WWI service sold at American Legion Convention – Chicago 1939
  39. (2) post-WWII letters relating to a Boone, Iowa family’s search for information about a relative’s B-29 crash in the war
  40. WWI USN “Atlantic Battleship Fleet” souvenir pillow cover
  41. July 28, 1953 Korea edition “Stars and Stripes” newspaper – Truce Signed / Korea Fighting Ends
  42. Civil War issues of Harpers Weekly with General Grant and General Sherman covers
  43. Nice 10” x 13 ½” portrait photo of WWI U.S. Army soldier. (He is wearing a medical EM collar disc and is ID’d on the back of the photo.
  44. Pastel Mt. Fuji drawing done by Japanese sailor POW on USS Pocomoke. The information with his name is on the back of the drawing.
  45. WWII Occupation photo album from girl stationed in Munich area
  46. Pair of WWII era Japanese family photo albums
  47. Japanese WWII Army canteen with stopper and shoulder strap
  48. Great! 1919 Army of Occupation framed photo of soldiers of the 1st Engineers of the 1st Division in formation forming their unit emblem
  49. 1936 “Adolf Hitler” cigarette card album (with dust jacket)
  50. RZM marked Wehrmacht pony fur backpack. This is the type with fur on back, front and side panels.
  51. WWII pony fur backpack. This type had only the cover flap with fur.
  52. Same as above. No straps, 1940 dated and maker marked.
  53. Japanese WWII “Meatball” flag with inked on signatures and inscriptions. Translation on tag.
  54. Great! Civil War relic bullet embedded in a piece of wood from a tree.
  55. 1942 issue of the SA newspaper “Volkischer Beobachter”, the Party newspaper from 1920 on
  56. Neat! WWII “Kaiser Ship Yards” souvenir pillow cover and pillow. The pillow has “Liberty” ships and airplanes pictured on it and “Victory By Production”.
  57. Rare! Indian War U.S. Army kepi/hat from surgeon at Bellevue Hospital in NY. The front of the hat has “Surgeon – Bellevue Hospital” in bullion.
  58. Japanese WWII patriotic sake cup with Rising Sun flag
  59. Japanese WWII bayonet with frog (Tokyo Automated Loom Works marked bayonet)
  60. Lot of (6) Nazi Winter Relief / WHW children’s story booklets (given out as donation prizes)
  61. Antique G.A.R. Post 8 graveside marker
  62. Antique Woman’s Relief Corps/Aux of the G.A.R. graveside marker
  63. Great! Folk art WWII motorcycle fender ornament with eagle, “V” for Victory and enameled U.S. flag
  64. WWII OCD Civil Defense helmet with straps
  65. U.S. Army Kevlar UNICOR PASGT helmet with strapping
  66. WWII Northrop Aircraft Inc. / California CD helmet with liner
  67. WWI 30th Inf. Div. “Old Hickory” helmet with painted on unit insignia
  68. WWII U.S. Army practice hand grenade
  69. Vintage OD combat style jacket worn by U.S. Army nurse. (Her name and serial number are on collar tag)
  70. Vintage OD long hooded overcoat worn by U.S. Army nurse
  71. 1940 issued WWII soldier’s Wehrpass (with photo)
  72. USN Mark 2 “Talker” helmet with liner
  73. Civil War veteran’s ladder badge for Harrison Rhoads of Omaha, Nebraska. He served in Co. I of the 88th IND. VOL. Infantry. He was originally from Middlebury, Indiana
  74. Vintage Royal Doulton “Monty” General Montgomery figural pitcher
  75. WWII Home Front “Elsie the Cow” war bonds and stamps wooden savings bank
  76. WWII Hitler with noose around neck trapeze toy (Anti-Axis propaganda)
  77. WWII U.S. Type A-11 leather flight helmet with goggles and oxygen mask
  78. Rare! “Nurnberg – Stadt Der Reichsparteitage” metal souvenir wall plaque. Shows emblems for different Party organizations around outside border (including SS)
  79. Neat G.A.R. (Civil War veterans) large souvenir scarf with G.A R. emblem in center and Army Corp badges pictured around border
  80. WWI U.S. Army grenade vest (George P. Ide & Co. dated May 1918)
  81. Vietnam War souvenir plaque from 19 TASS. The 19th was a Forward Air Control Squadron at Bien Hoa from 1963 to 1971. The squadron had the WWI “Snoopy” fighter pilot as its emblem.
  82. Vietnam War souvenir plaque with dedication from husband to wife. The plaque has part of a USN Aviation rating patch.
  83. WWII trench art artillery shell with bullets on side and silver New Guinea coin on front
  84. WWII German DAF (German Labor Front) belt buckle
  85. Fabulous WWI World War Service souvenir pillow cover from Kelly Field in Texas. This large felt cover features a WWI biplane and WWI wings.
  86. TL-29 signalman’s took kit. (It contains pocket knife and pliers)
  87. 1960’s U.S. Army Lt. Colonel’s heavy wool shirt/jacket (Lt. Colonel and Signal Corp insignia on collars, 7th Army and 10th Corp patches on sleeves and name strip)
  88. Vintage USMC pocket knife
  89. US Utica Cut. Co. USMC KABAR style fighting knife with leather sheath
  90. USN KABAR MK2 fighting knife in USN MK2 sheath (marked NORD-8114 B.M. Co. 1/6 vp)
  91. Early Nazi 1933 cigarette card album “Kampf ums Dritte Reich” with all the cards including many with Hitler. Also included is the original cardboard case the album came in.
  92. 1936 WWII German cigarette card album “Die Deutsche Wehrmacht” (The German Army) with all its cards
  93. Neat! 1946 advertising calendar with children dressed as early WWII soldiers and an army nurse. The calendar advertised “The Cambridge Monument Works” of Cambridge, Illinois.
  94. Pair of Japanese WWII medals – Order of the Rising Sun 8th Class (cased) and China Incident medal
  95. 1936 NSDAP – Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth) paper broadside. The broadside advertised an event in Berlin-Neukolln. It measures 11 ¾” x 16 ½”.
  96. Great! Rare WWII Free French Press and Information Center NY propaganda poster. This 23” x 30” linen backed poster was designed by Natacha Carlu. The poster features the Statue of Liberty and a winged woman charging with a sword. The poster in French has “Liberty…Sweet Liberty…Guide and Support Our Vengeful Arms”.
  97. Framed antique DAV/Uncle Sam poster. It reads “Now the DAV Wants You…Ask Here About Membership in the Disabled American Veterans”. The frame measures 20” x 28”.
  98. WWII AAF scales for determining combat bomb dropping angles with dead reckoning computers. These were used by bombardiers during the war.
  99. 1943 U.S. TM-E 30-451 Restricted “War Department – Technical Manual – Handbook on German Military Forces”. This is one of the originals, not a postwar copy.
  100. WWII German Wehrmacht (Army) aluminum belt buckle
  101. Hitler Jugend / Hitler Youth belt buckle with “Blut und Ehre” motto (Blood and Honor)
  102. WWII German boot knife/fighting knife (soldier added plexiglass grips)
  103. WWII German flag (5’7” x 2’6”)
  104. WWII German banner (9’ x 3’8”)
  105. USN MK2 fighting knife (R.C.C.) in USN MK2 scabbard
  106. Civil War ¼ plate tin type of Union Inf. Captain (in Riker mount – no case)
  107. Confederate Civil War British 1860 pocket edition “Manual of Artillery Exercises”. Inside the back cover is mounted a note stating this was found on the battlefield at Petersburg, VA July 17th, 1864. It was presented by a drum major in the 8th Mich. Vol.
  108. Civil War 1865 pocket size book “Casey’s Infantry Tactics – Vol. 3”. This book by Brig. Gen. Silas Casey has a Commonwealth of Massachusetts bookplate.
  109. WWII Gold Star wife’s newspaper and (3) sons in service banner with one Gold Star for a son killed in action
  110. Great! U.S. pistol reference book from 2003 - “U.S. Pistols and Revolvers 1909-1945” by J.C. Harrison. This is a must book for Colt Model 1911 collectors.
  111. WWII issue Silver Star medal in original coffin case with ribbon bar and lapel pin
  112. RLF Reichs Luftschutz Bund (Air Protective League) armband
  113. Kyffhauserbund veteran’s armband
  114. DRKB Deutsche Reichskriegerbund (German National Association of Veterans) armband
  115. “Deutsche Wehrmacht” German Army armband (worn by civilian employees of the Army)
  116. Nice WWII German medic’s armband with unit rubber stamp on it
  117. RAD (Reichs Labor Service) armband
  118. Large framed color wedding portrait of German Luftwaffe (Air Force) airman and his wife
  119. WWII German 25 Year Faithful Service medal (in original box)
  120. Medal for the Conquest of Czechoslovakia (in original box)
  121. Civil War vet’s souvenir badge for 1907 reunion of the 13th Wisconsin Volunteers at Janesville, WI. (This regiment fought at Ft. Donelson, Clarksville, Garrettsburg, Decatur, Athens, Whitesburg and more)
  122. Spanish-American War veteran’s medal and ribbon for the 33rd U.S. Volunteer Infantry. This unit was known as the “All Texas Regiment”. They fought in many battles in the Philippines.
  123. USMC KABAR (Olean, NY) fighting knife with leather sheath
  124. U.S. Vietnam era or earlier Camillus, NY pilot survival sheath knife with original sheath and sharpening stone
  125. Late 1800’s advertising broadside for Washington DC attorney who helped Civil War veterans with their pensions. This poster is in regard to the New Government Pension Law and has a vignette of a Civil War soldier.
  126. WWI 16”x 20” patriotic lithograph “The Triumph of Justice” – 1918
  127. Vietnam War Vietnamese propaganda poster promoting education of villagers. It measures 16 ¼” x 21 ¾”.
  128. 1930’s Milton Bradley – Tillicum Products “Coast Defense Set”. This rare set has neat wooden ships and is in its original box.
  129. 1943 U.S. WWII OWI propaganda poster with President Franklin Roosevelt quote. The top of the 20” x 28” poster features an eagle holding a U.S. flag at top.
  130. WWII U.S. Army Safety Program “Ten Steps that Lead to Safe Working Conditions and Increased Production” poster
  131. WWII U.S. 1944 Office of Defense Transportation propaganda poster “Won’t You Give My Boy a Chance to Get Home?” This 20” x 27” poster features a mother with a “Son in Service” flag on the wall behind her.
  132. 1895 Civil War Veterans G.A.R. souvenir ribbon/medal for Lincoln Post No. 11 of Newark, NJ Gettysburg and Pen Mar reunion
  133. British WWI 1914-1918 campaign medal named to SPR. J.J. BENSCH S.A.P.B (South African Pioneer Battalion)
  134. Neat! Operation Iraqi Freedom child’s souvenir backpack and desert hat. The pack and hat have embroidered scorpions, Iraqi and U.S. flags, a great Elmer Fudd patch, the boy’s name and on the back pocket of the pack “Operation Iraqi Freedom – Inmate LSA Anaconda Correctional Facility – LSA ANACONDA Balad, Iraq.
  135. Small Civil War veteran G.A.R. souvenir medal/button
  136. WWII handmade fighting knife made from bayonet. It has a card wrapped wood handle.
  137. Vintage “Made in Mexico” souvenir sheath knife with hand tooled leather sheath
  138. Nazi flag stick pin on original LDO card
  139. 1937 Nazi party newspaper “Bremer Zeitung” with Hitler on front page
  140. Rare! WWII Swift Training Rifle S.R. MK111 in original transit wood case. This non-cartridge firing rifle was used to train RAF Airmen in marksmanship. It was patterned after the Lee-Enfield No. 3 rifle.
  141. M-1950 U.S. Army field jacket with fancy stitching sewed on insignia including Trieste Forces patch with “Trust” tab
  142. WWII Luftschutz Air Raid helmet (with liner)
  143. Pair of WWII U.S. Army shirts. One is 15 ½ x 33; the size of the other is unknown
  144. WWII German Army/Wehrmacht canteen with cup
  145. WWII German pony fur Army/Wehrmacht backpack
  146. WWII German Navy/Kriegsmarine uniform white blouse with insignia and coarse cloth white pants
  147. WWII German Army mess kit
  148. WWII German Army/Wehrmacht M1943 field cap (dated 1944)
  149. WWII RAD photo album (with many photos)
  150. Pair of vintage WWII Air Commandos Assn. bullion large jacket and blazer patches. This was from the estate of a veteran who flew in the CBI 1943-1945.
  151. Great condition WWII U.S. Army Tanker bib overalls
  152. WWII AAF Aircraft crash/escape axe with rubber covered handle
  153. WWI trench art decorated artillery shell. This shell has a floral pattern and is dated 1916.
  154. Vietnam War theater made jungle hat with “Vietnam” tab patch
  155. 1945 dated Russian Nagant revolver with holster (7.62mm)
  156. Japanese WWII Army Arisaka rifle with sling and dust cover       156a. Belknap .410 Shotgun
    156b. Winchester Model 77 .22 L Rifle
    156c. Ward’s Western .20 GA Shotgun
    156d. Columbia .12 GA Shotgun
  157. Great! Framed WWI German or Austrian memorial to fallen soldier. It measures 20 ¾” x 27” and has a large photo of the soldier in field gear wearing a cloth covered Landsturm shako. There is a paper plaque on the matte that reads in German: “The Hero for the Fatherland Killed 1914-15” and has an Iron Cross illustration. A handwritten note states he was killed 10 March 1915 near Chapelle, France.
  158. Antique Knights of Columbus dress sword. The sword has the name of owner engraved on blade and was made in Germany.
  159. Nice old USN dress sword made by Herman Cohn of Brooklyn, NY. The sword has its original bullion knot and is named to Robert L. Davis USN on blade.
  160. Post-war German P-38 leather holster
  161. Civil War Veteran’s GAR calling card. This soldier served in the elite Berdan Sharpshooters. The Sharpshooters were the snipers of the Civil War and fought in most major battles of the war.
  162. Cased 1939 SA Sports 5th Prize Medal for the Reichswettkampfe Der Berlin (This is a large table medal style award)
  163. Nazi fire / police dagger with scabbard (no maker mark)
  164. Neat! 1834 Company Order U.S. Military Document for a muster. The order has a nice vignette of a soldier.
  165. Vintage USAF Type MA-1 flight jacket version MIL-J-8279C. It still has the name tag of USAF Command Pilot Major who wore it.
  166. U.S. Army antique officer’s sword (damage to handle and scabbard)
  167. German made souvenir mug for the elite French Paratrooper unit, the 425 B.P.C.S. PAU
  168. Vintage framed U.S. Army embroidered guidon style banner for the 3rd Forward Support Battalion. The banner was made in Germany and is marked on back of frame.
  169. Vintage framed U.S. Army embroidered guidon style banner for the Combat Medics of the 3rd Medical Battalion. The banner was made in Germany and is marked on the back of the frame.
  170. Vintage USAF cold weather flight suit Type CWU-1/P. Probably Vietnam War era.
  171. 1958 dated Vietnam War era sage green USAF pilot helmet bag
  172. 1960’s Vietnam War era USN baseball caps for USS Cleveland LPD-7 and LPH-11 USS New Orleans
  173. 1934 dated Hitler Youth small photo album with many photos
  174. Pair of WWII Nazi Army funeral mass cards for KIA soldiers. One was killed in France 1940, the other was killed in Russia 1941
  175. Named WWII Bronze Star medal in blue coffin box. The medal is named to Raymond L. Pena.
  176. Small WWII German flag (double sided, measures 8 ½” x 13”)
  177. Old German cabinet photo with husband and wife. The husband is wearing a parade mounted Iron Cross 2nd Class.
  178. WWI German Wound Badge (cut out variety)
  179. Vietnam War ARVN Military Merit Medal
  180. Japanese WWII era Red Cross Medal
  181. WWI Allied Italian Victory Medal
  182. WWI Allied Belgian Victory Medal
  183. Choice from Row 1 of stick pins
  184. Choice from Row 2 of stick pins
  185. Choice from Row 3 of stick pins
  186. Choice from Row 4 of stick pins
  187. Choice from Row 5 of stick pins
  188. Choice from Row 6 of stick pins
  189. Choice from Row 7 of stick pins
  190. Choice from Row 8 of stick pins
  191. Indian War Period Model 1873 Springfield .45-70 Trapdoor Cavalry Carbine. It has a saddle ring on side.
  192. WWII grouping of documents and personal effects of a 7th Army Lt. who survived Guadalcanal and the Northern Solomons only to be killed on Okinawa
  193. Rare! Adolf Hitler SS Allach porcelain dinner plate. This plate was made for Hitler at the Allach factory at Dachau sub-camp.
  194. WWII U.S. plaster of Paris bandages in original unopened metal cans. The pair came from an original case dated 01-12-45.
  195. Rare! Allach porcelain vase for the 1939 Nurnberg “Biwakabend der SS Reichsparteitag”. This piece was made at the Dachau Concentration Camp sub-camp factory.
  196. WWII Canadian Army armor cap badge woman’s 10k gold sweetheart ring.
  197. Civil War Confederate/CSA 1863 $1000 7% bond. This bond has 4 coupons and a vignette of “Stonewall Jackson”. (Lt. General T.J. Jackson)
  198. Rare! WWII British bakelite No. 69 hand grenade (dewat). These were used during the war when a smaller destructive radius was needed due to lack of cover.
  199. WWI 377th M.T. C. (Motor Transportation Corps) souvenir hankie/scarf from Camp Bragg, NC. Also included is the soldier’s original MTC EM collar disc.
  200. Lot of (5) Russian WWII era photos of the execution of Nazi soldiers. The photos show the hanging of a group of German soldiers.
  201. Great! Original WWII “Margie” propaganda poster No. 12. This poster featured the famous WWII movie star/pin-up girl Margie Stewart. Margie was the subject of some of the best WWII posters and ads for war bonds, etc. She was known as “Uncle Sam’s Poster Girl”.
  202. Nice! WWII pin-up propaganda poster. This 6th War Loan poster reads “XXX Any Way You Look At It – It’s Wise to Buy G.I. Bonds”.
  203. 1936 one sheet movie poster “Orders from Tokio”. This war movie poster features a “Rising Sun” background.
  204. WWII era Republic Picture war movie generic one sheet movie poster. This poster was used for different movies and has a place for a lobby card to be inserted.
  205. Rare! Civil War Abbott type / Abbott tintype of a beardless General Robert E. Lee. This was produced by Abbott & Co. of New York sometime prior to 1863.
  206. WWI German Iron Cross 2nd Class medal
  207. SA Sports Badge (maker marked)
  208. DRL sports Badge (maker marked)
  209. Lot of (2) different size Nazi Wehrmacht Army bevo eagle patches
  210. Nazi Police wool sleeve eagle on piece of original uniform
  211. WWI 1918 L.F. & C. Co. “Patton” cavalry sword (without scabbard)
  212. WWI 1918 L.F. & C. Co. “Patton” cavalry sword (with scabbard)
  213. Framed foreign medals illustration “Decorations of Honor” (drawn by Tiffany & Co.)
  214. Nice pair of WWI tank photos (both German)
  215. Neat WWII trench art German dagger made from various dagger, hunting knife and bayonet parts (brought home by U.S. G.I.)
  216. Framed WWI 1918 58 ½” x 11” photo of Camp Dodge, Iowa (photo by Verne O. Williams of Kansas City, MO)
  217. Great! WWII propaganda poster “Free Labor Will Win”. It is a 1942 War Production Board poster showing a welder with the U.S. flag as background. The poster measures 28 ½”x 40”.
  218. Another great WWII U.S. propaganda poster “United We Win”. This 1942 War Manpower Commission poster pictures two factory workers doing assembly on an airplane. One of the workers is black and the other is white. This groundbreaking poster is very hard to find.
  219. WWII 16 ½”x 22” U.S. War Bond poster “The Present With a Future”. This artwork was by Adolf Dehn and pictures Santa in his sleigh dropping war bonds over a town.
  220. WWII 1943 U.S. OWI propaganda poster “Plant A Victory Garden – Our Food is Fighting – A Garden Will Make Your Rations Go Further”. This 22” x 28” poster shows a family in the garden. The little boy is wearing an army hat.
  221. Great! WWII souvenir flag/banner for the U.S. submarine SS391 “USS POMFREY”. The banner illustrates all the sinkings, rescues, captures, etc. that the sub accomplished during the war. It has super graphics.
  222. WWII Air Medal group to a B-17 pilot in the 834th Bomb Squadron of the 8th AAF. The group includes his Air Medal in its coffin case, his ribbon bars, his discharge and combat mission list. He flew 34 combat missions over Germany.
  223. 1942”Say Yes! Take Your Change in War Stamps” U.S. propaganda poster. This 22” x 28” linen backed poster features stylized images of USN, U.S. Army and USMC sailor and soldiers.
  224. Neat WWII Anti-Axis Training Safety poster. This 17” x 22” poster (put out by the Directorate of Air Traffic and Safety) features a cartoon of an airman who lost the wings of his plane flying through a tunnel with Tojo, Hitler and Mussolini cheering in the background. The poster reads “They Cheer! When You Try Foolhardy Stunts!”
  225. WWII Wehrmacht dove head dress sword. This sword was made by Paul Seilheimer of Solingen.
  226. WWII Wehrmacht dove head dress sword. This sword has no maker marks.
  227. WWII Wehrmacht dove head dress sword. This sword as made by Carl Eickhorn of Solingen. It has the 1935-1941 Eickhorn mark.
  228. Poster
  229. Poster
  230. Poster
  231. Poster
  232. Fabulous original WWII watercolor painting of SS Foreign Legion troops in the mountains. The painting has great detail and is artist signed at the bottom. Frame measures 7”x 10 5/8”.
  233. Fabulous original WWII watercolor painting of WWII German Paratroopers/Fallschirmjagers. The painting has great detail and is artist signed at the bottom. Frame measures 7” x 10 5/8”. (This painting has some water staining)
  234. Group of photos and misc. papers from USN WAVE
  235. WWII family photo album with assorted soldier and sailor photos mixed in
  236. Pair of WWII U.S. Army uniform belts with buckles
  237. Lot of (2) WWII U.S. Army twill shirts
  238. Lot of (2) WWII U.S. Army wool shirts
  239. Lot of (2) WWII U.S. Army wool pants
  240. Lot of (5) Nazi tinnie/day badges
  241. WWI French Croix de Guerre medal (1914/1918)
  242. Original cap tally from a sailor’s hat who served on the USS Yankee. This ship saw much action in the Spanish-American War.
  243. Vintage brown jump style boots (measure over 13” long, probably around size 13 or 14)
  244. Rare! Japanese WWII coarse wool/burlap Navy cap (brought back by U.S. soldier)
  245. Fabulous! WWII trench art table lamp. Its main body is a large artillery shell decorated with a native island woman, water buffalo, huts and a volcano. The lamp has a wooden base and is in working condition. It has three arms coming off it with lights. The mica type shades are hand painted and very fragile.
  246. Pair of WWII patriotic “V” for Victory postcards
  247. WWII U.S. Legion of Merit medal Legionnaire class in original 1945 dated box
  248. WWII U.S. Air Medal in original 1945 dated box
  249. Large Riker mount with collection of photos and postcards from WWII American Red Cross girl. Most are from her time in France
  250. 1943 window card movie poster for “Guadalcanal Diary” starring William Bendix, Lloyd Nolan and Anthony Quinn
  251. August 1945 Merchant Marine papers in U.S. Dept. of Commerce wallet
  252. Lot of (5) Civil War patriotic covers/envelopes
  253. Lot of (5) Civil War patriotic covers/envelopes
  254. Lot of (5) Civil War patriotic covers/envelopes
  255. WWII 1942 “A History of Browning Guns from 1831—“ hardcover book published by Browning Co. of Ogden, Utah. This is a great book on both the civilian and military Browning firearms.
  256. Vietnam War era USAF flight suit with squadron patch and rank insignia (1968)
  257. WWI U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps souvenir pillow (embroidered on felt with fringe trim)
  258. Antique Canadian Army Highlander cap with badge
  259. Antique Colt .45 revolver with engraved frame and cylinder. In wooden case decorated with Mercury silver dimes.
  260. Antique Colt .45 revolver with engraved frame and cylinder. In glass top wooden case with replica Colt .45 cartridge box.
  261. Antique U.S. Cartridge Company linen backed advertising poster (circa 1880’s)
  262. 1953 half sheet movie poster for the war film “El Alamein” starring Scott Brady
  263. 1968 one sheet movie poster for the war film “The Devil’s Brigade”. This movie was about the famous unit the “First Special Service Force”.
  264. 1966 one sheet movie poster for the war film “The Young Warriors”. The movie starred James Drury of the TV show “The Virginian”.
  265. 1966 one sheet movie poster for the war film “Ambush Bay”. The movie starred Hugh O’Brian, Mickey Rooney and James Mitchum.
  266. 1965 one sheet movie poster for the war film “Up From the Beach”. This Normandy Invasion film starred Cliff Robertson and Red Buttons.
  267. 1941 WWII “America Calling – Take Your Place in Civilian Defense” home front poster
  268. WWII “My Soldier” Buy U.S. Government Bonds – 3rd Liberty Loan propaganda poster. The 28” x 41” poster features a child praying with a picture of her soldier father on the wall behind her.
  269. 1971 Australian insert movie poster for the war film “The Red Baron”. This movie was released with a “Not Suitable for Children” warning.
  270. 1958 insert movie poster for the Alan Ladd war movie “Paratrooper”
  271. 1958 insert movie poster for the war film “Dunkirk”. This was the MGM version of the current hit movie.
  272. WWII USAF miniature medal mounted group with bullion command pilot wings. The veteran received both the Silver Star and the Legion of Merit.
  273. Blue Eagle Kriegsmarine cloth sports shirt large patch
  274. Luftwaffe cloth sports shirt large eagle patch
  275. Framed 1920’s or 30’s Asian embroidered silk wall hanging with flags of different nations and “In Remembrance of My Cruise in China, Japan”. In the center of the souvenir embroidery is an actual photo of the USN sailor holding his pet dog.
  276. Nice set of USMC dress blues with pants and hat
  277. WWII Italian Carcano bayonet with scabbard
  278. WWI U.S. Army helmet with liner
  279. Rare! 1918 WWI U.S. propaganda poster “On the Job for Victory”. This 30” x 40” linen-backed poster shows a panoramic view of a busy shipyard. The artist was Jonas Lie.
  280. Rare! 1918 WWI U.S. propaganda poster “Help Deliver the Goods – Do It Now – U.S. Navy Recruiting Station – 322 Second Avenue, East, Cedar Rapids”. This 28” x 41” linen-backed poster shows a sailor loading large gun shells with a rope. The artist was Herbert Paus. This one has the period addition of an Iowa recruiting station.
  281. Rare! 1917 WWI U.S. propaganda poster “The Navy is Calling – Enlist Now – U.S. Navy Recruiting Station – 322 Second Ave, East, Cedar Rapids”. This 28” x 41” linen-backed poster shows an eagle with shield on chest and five sailors. The artist was L.N. Britton. This poster is also marked to the USN recruiting station in Cedar Rapids.
  282. Rare! 1917 WWI U.S. propaganda poster “The Sword is Drawn – The Navy Upholds It! – U.S. Navy Recruiting Station – 322 Second Avenue, East, Cedar Rapids.” This 28” x 41” linen-backed poster features Lady Liberty holding a sword and scroll. The artist was Kenyon Cox.
  283. Rare! 1917 WWI U.S. propaganda poster “That Liberty Shall Not Perish from the Earth – Buy Liberty Bonds – Fourth Liberty Loan”. This 28”x 41” linen-backed poster shows a partially destroyed Statue of Liberty and NYC in flames with bi-plane bombers overhead. The artist was Joseph Pennell.
  284. Original WWII RAD dog tag (not one of the current reproductions from Eastern Europe)
  285. WWII German parade mounted medal group with Merit Cross with swords, Police Service medal and West Wall medal


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