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Nov 18 , 2017


Photo Gallery & Catalog were updated on Nov. 11th to include more coins & great jewelry.  Click on photos & scroll to bottom of the Gallery.  Photos are better here, but if you would like to see a Gallery with Captions you can visit our Auctionzip Page:

Please join us for this great sale! All types of antiques & collectibles inc. advertising, toys, ephemera, Native American, militaria, pin-ups, pop culture & more. Plus, a great group of comic books & 50 lots of truly exceptional coins & currency. Hope you can join us!

Coins & Currency: 50 great lots will sell first! Several Gold pieces; 20+ slabbed Morgan Dollars (most PCGS or NCG): 1891-CC; 1892-CC; 1893; 1893-CC; 1893-O; 1893-S; 1894; 1894-S; 1895-O; 1895-S; 1878-CC; 1879-CC; 1885-CC; 1889-CC. Books/Sets include: Complete Peace Dollar book; Buffalo Nickel set; Washington Quarter book (1932-62); Two & Three Cent binder….and more! Nice group of Large Notes & Confederate Notes.

Native American & Western Items: Fantastic Native American kachina dolls; pottery; arrowheads & artifacts; baskets & copper culture items. Excellent group of sterling silver jewelry. Many of the items are signed by notable artists. 1901 F. Remington print “A Breed”; neat 50’s framed print of Charles Russell illustrated letter; 1920’s era cowboy & Indian themed prints; a great group of vintage Western movie posters (some linen-backed).

Comic Books & Toys: HUNDREDS of great Golden & Silver Age comic books! Most will be sold in small groups or as “choice.” Superhero; Disney; TV; Westerns; True Crime; pulp…nearly all genres…and nice examples! Toys inc. rare 50’s Twinkle Eyes Shirley Temple doll; Marx & Lionel Trains & accessories; Marx pressed steel trucks; Hubley & Arcade cast iron; Auburn rubber items…much more! Many vintage Disney items inc. watches, books, figurines & more (some early pieces!). Awesome Grey Iron, Manoil, Barclay, figures inc. military, police, pirates, cowboys/Indians. Neat cap guns & Western costumes; Big Little books & more!

Military & Police: Civil War era tintypes & CDVs inc. a terrific album (with Lincoln & Grant family photos); Indian war Bayonet. Excellent WWII German swords, medals, insignia. USN & USMC fighting knives (most WWII era); US WWI tunic & WWII caps; several homefront items including posters. Antique police items inc. badges, handcuffs, sap; rare 50’s equipment catalog, etc.

Jewelry & Watches: Small but neat group! New old stock Gent’s gold wedding bands (neat vintage designs); lovely ladies gold/diamond/gemstone rings; vintage watches including 14K Hamilton w/14K band.
JUST ADDED 11/12:  RARE Texas Instruments Starburst Digital watch from old stock!

Advertising & other Antiques/Collectibles: Rare! Framed 1800’s photo collage from the offices of Bekin/Omaha Van & Express with horse drawn vehicles. Great advertising inc. circa 1900 tin litho sign for JB Lewis Shoe-Maker & “Pretty Woman” litho for German-American Bank in MO; Genesee & Guinness beer items. Banks inc. rare WWII version of “Uncle Sam” 3-coin register & metal/glass bank from Edwin Mosler Jr. collection. Great pin-ups & gambling punch boards; gumball machine. Art glass vases; Van Briggle pottery. Cigarette lighters, cases, match safes, & Briggs humidor. Antique circus ad poster & 40’s era clown make-up kit; great vintage Movie Posters & other Movie related items.

Scroll down for a Catalog:  Note, these items have been added.  For a compete catalog including these additions, see "documents" where you can view, download & print:)

50a. Group of misc. WWII era foreign currency
50b. 1987 Silver Eagle in case & box; promo piece from Pearson Candy Co.
50c. United States Bill of Rights Coins: James Madison Proof
50d. 1882 S U.S. $5.00 Gold Half Eagle
50e. 1913 U.S. $2.50 Gold Indian Quarter Eagle
50f. 1986 U.S. $10.00 Gold Eagle
50g. (2) 1980 S. Africa 1/10 Krugerrands

190a. Ladies 14K Gold & blue opal ring w/original tag
190b. Ladies 14K Gold & diamond ring
190c. Ladies Gold? & Blue Topaz ring
190d. Gents 10K Gold intaglio warrior ring w/diamond accents
190e. Gents 14k Gold wedding band – new old stock
190f. Gents 14k Gold wedding band – new old stock
190g. Ladies filigree 10k Gold & topaz ring
190h. 14k Gold 15” Chain
190i. 14k Gold hoop earrings
190j. 14k Gold & Pearl pendant – circa 1957
190k. New old stock Van Cleef & Arpels Revlon Lipstick cases
190l. Tie Tacks & Cuff Links including neat vintage “Norelco” advertising set
190m. Misc. jewelry
190n. Ladies 14k Gold Hamilton Watch with Gold Band
190o. Choice of nicer Gent’s Watches: Omega & Hamilton
190p. Misc. Watches inc. Vintage Longines in original box
190q. RARE Texas Instruments Starburst Watch – 1978/first digital watch! New old stock; still in box & perfect:)

November 18th Catalog (See above for additions)
  1. 1953 U.S. Proof Set (in plastic holder)
  2. Indian Head Cents partial set/book with 51 coins of the set
  3. Lot of (3) Morgan Silver Dollars
  4. Lot of (4) Morgan Silver Dollars
  5. Lot of misc. U.S. coins (includes some type coins)
  6. Great! 1946 PDS U.S. Coin Set in Capital holder. All are nice unc. coins.
  7. Old 1903-1921 nickel collector board with 1903-1912-D “V” nickels and (11) different pre-1921 nickels
  8. Civil War Confederate Bank of Augusta, GA 1863 10 and 25 cent notes. These notes are printed on the back of $4.00 Broken Bank notes
  9. Civil War Confederate 1862 City of Richmond 25 cent note
  10. Civil War Confederate 1861 Bank of the State of South Carolina $5.00 note (cut-cancelled)
  11. Series 1935A “Hawaii” $1.00 silver certificate (Emergency note)
  12. Series 1899 Large Size $1.00 “Black Eagle” silver certificate
  13. Series 1923 Large Size $1.00 silver certificate
  14. Series 1914 Large Size $5.00 Federal Reserve note
  15. Series 1914 Large Size $10.00 Federal Reserve note
  16. Lot of (2) Series 1928D $2.00 United States notes
  17. Lot of (2) Series 1928G $2.00 United States notes
  18. 1890-O Morgan Dollar MS63 PL (Proof like) (PCGS) slabbed
  19. 1890-S Morgan Dollar MS63 (NGC) slabbed
  20. 1891-CC Morgan Dollar MS62 (PCGS) slabbed
  21. 1892 Morgan Dollar MS65 (NGC) slabbed
  22. 1892-CC Morgan Dollar MS62 (PCGS) slabbed
  23. 1892-O Morgan Dollar MS62 (PCGS) slabbed
  24. 1892-S Morgan Dollar XF45 (NGC) slabbed
  25. 1893 Morgan Dollar AU55 (PCGS) slabbed
  26. 1893-CC Morgan Dollar AU58 CAC sticker (NGC) slabbed
  27. 1893-O Morgan Dollar XF40 (PCGS) slabbed
  28. 1893-S Morgan Dollar Key Date VG8 (NGC) slabbed
  29. 1894 Morgan Dollar Key Date XF40 (NGC) slabbed
  30. 1894-O Morgan Dollar AU55 (PCGS) slabbed
  31. 1894-S Morgan Dollar XF45 (NGC) slabbed
  32. 1895-O Morgan Dollar XF45 (PCGS) slabbed
  33. 1895-S Morgan Dollar VF20 (PCGS) slabbed
  34. 1896-S Morgan Dollar AU53 (NGC) slabbed
  35. 1899-O Morgan Dollar MS65 (PCGS) slabbed
  36. 1899-S Morgan Dollar MS63 (PCGS) slabbed
  37. 1901 Morgan Dollar AU55 (NGC) slabbed
  38. 1901-S Morgan Dollar MS62 (PCGS) slabbed
  39. 1902 Morgan Dollar MS65 (PCGS) slabbed
  40. 1902-O Morgan Dollar MS65 (NGC) slabbed
  41. 1878 8TF Morgan Dollar MS63 (PCGS) slabbed
  42. 1878 7/8TF Strong Morgan Dollar MS64 (PCGS) slabbed
  43. 1878-CC Morgan Dollar MS64 CAC Sticker (PCGS) slabbed
  44. 1879-CC VF30 (PCGS) slabbed
  45. 1885-CC Morgan Dollar MS66 (NGC) slabbed
  46. 1889-CC Morgan Dollar VF20 (PCGS) slabbed
  47. Partial 2¢ / 3¢ set. It has 1864 to 1871 2¢ pieces and (15) different 3¢ nickel dates
  48. Washington Quarter Book/Set (1932 to 1962). Many nice coins in 30’s and 40’s dates.
  49. Complete Peace Dollar Book/Set
  50. Nice partial Buffalo Nickel Book/Set (53 different coins)
  51. Framed photo of Genesee Beer 12 Horse Team – 1950’s
  52. Great! 1918 WWI “Animated Crest” photo of members of the U.S. Army 34th Division forming their unit insignia in formation. The photo of these “Sandstorm Division” soldiers was taken at Camp Cody, New Mexico.
  53. Civil War Confederate CSA 1863 $100.00 bond with (8) $4.00 coupons still attached.
  54. Rare! 1950’s 18” Twinkle Eyes Ideal Shirley Temple doll in original box. The doll is in its original blue dress and has all the original tags. The original “Shirley Temple” case with hair curlers is still in the box. This doll appears to have never been played with. (A super example!!)
  55. Antique 6 ½” Art Glass vase
  56. Antique 10 ½” Art Glass vase
  57. Antique 6 ¼” Anna Van Briggle marked Van Briggle pottery bud vase
  58. Vintage Carlton Ware “My Goodness – My Guinness” Guinness beer advertising figural turtle
  59. Indian War period U.S. Army bayonet in Pennsylvania marked scabbard
  60. Marx Toys 1950’s plastic Railroad Accessory Set No. 0430 (in original box)
  61. Marx/Lumar 1950’s pressed steel 18” Army truck
  62. Rare! 1940’s circus clown make-up kit with contents
  63. 1950’s Rin Tin Tin and Rusty bandana and slide
  64. Choice from lot of (6) antique cigarette case lighter combinations
  65. Choice from lot of (3) antique cigarette cases
  66. Lot of assorted vintage ladies’ compacts and make-up accessories
  67. Choice from lot of (4) antique ladies’ cigarette case/make-up kit combinations
  68. Choice from lot of (5) 1950’s Harvey “Dick Tracy” Comics (Vol. 1 #68, #73, #76, #77, #78)
  69. Choice from lot of (5) 1950’s Harvey “Dick Tracy” Comics (Vol. 1 #79, #80, #81, #82, #84)
  70. Old plaque with figural “Right” and “Finner” whales
  71. Vintage Hopi pottery bowl by Anita Polacca from the village of Sichomovi. She was an active potter from about 1940-1985.
  72. Antique Acoma Native-American pottery bowl with bird designs
  73. Choice of (4) Native-American woven shallow baskets or plates
  74. Choice of (3) Native-American woven shallow baskets or plates
  75. Vintage brass paperweight for “The Chicago Lumber Company” of Omaha, Nebraska
  76. 1950 Walt Disney’s “Cinderella” children’s book
  77. Choice of lot of antique Native-American pottery (6) pieces (Redware and Acoma)
  78. Large decorated Acoma bowl (shows wear from actual use.)
  79. Ancient Native-American stone axe head
  80. Pair of small ancient Native-American stone celts
  81. Collection of 1930’s Manoil and Barclay toy soldiers, vehicles and accessories. Includes; (3) tents; rifle targets; (3) vehicles; (2) towed items; (17) soldiers
  82. Choice of (3) vintage Native-American woven baskets
  83. Choice of (3) vintage Native-American woven baskets
  84. Choice of (3) vintage Native-American woven baskets
  85. Choice of (3) vintage Native-American woven baskets
  86. Choice of (3) vintage Native-American woven baskets
  87. Antique silverplate telephone receiver decorative cover
  88. Vintage Hopi New-School kachina by artist Ernest Salina
  89. Vintage Hopi/Tewa kachina by P. Clashin
  90. 1961 Civil War Centennial Confederate States of America small souvenir plate
  91. 1940’s Walt Disney’s “Three Caballeros” Donald Duck/Jose Carioca turnabout cookie jar       The following lots #92 to #95 are from a collection of vintage Native-American / Southwestern Indian kachina dolls. Included are some very nice Hopi New School kachinas and a shelf sitting clown eating watermelon.
  92. Choice of (5) kachina dolls
  93. Choice of (5) kachina dolls
  94. Choice of (5) kachina dolls
  95. Choice of (5) kachina dolls
  96. Antique Briggs tobacco wood barrel humidor
  97. Antique “Savage Steve” wall mount metal figural stove match safe
  98. Lot with (4) vintage Hot Wheels toy cars (3 on card). Lot also includes two Hot Wheels buttons.
  99. Lot of (4) Native-American porcelain hanging figurines and a wooden bear fetish
  100. USN MK2 KABAR U.S. fighting knife - no sheath/scabbard
  101. Pair of Filipino fighting knives brought back by WWII veteran
  102. WWI German Army belt buckle with 1916 dated maker marked leather tab
  103. WWII USMC PAL fighting knife with sheath (it has the early red spacers)
  104. U.S. M-3 fighting knife with USM8A1 sheath (PWH)
  105. Civil War Union artillery officer tintype in Union case with broken hinge
  106. USN MK1 Camillus NY fighting knife with plastic pommel. The knife has a leather sheath.
  107. USN MK1 fighting knife scabbard
  108. 1930’s re-release one sheet movie poster for Boris Karloff’s “King of the Wild” serial
  109. 1934 “Wings Over Africa” one sheet movie poster
  110. Vintage solid sterling silver Gemeinhardt flute (in original case)
  111. Antique Hubley toy P-40 Warhawk “Flying Tiger” airplane
  112. Vintage Oak Mfg. Co. 5¢ gumball machine (with key)
  113. Cast iron Bradley and Hubbard #1800 Patent Date 1868 wall mounted match holder
  114. Vintage Walt Disney’s “Cinderella” child’s watch on original display plastic figurine the watch was sold on
  115. Vintage Walt Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” “Alice” child’s watch on original display porcelain figurine the watch was sold on
  116. 1960’s Walt Disney’s “Ludwig Von Drake” porcelain salt shaker
  117. Vintage 1970’s “Mickey Mouse” watch (in original box)
  118. Vintage Walt Disney’s “Cinderella” child’s watch (in original case)
  119. Lot of (3) 1933 Chicago World’s Fair booklet/guidebooks
  120. Cast iron Iron Art/Hubley toy race car
  121. Antique CCC/Civilian Conservation Corps overseas style cap. It has felt patch and is dated 1941.
  122. WWII USN officer’s peaked hat with nice emblem (sterling?)
  123. Lot of (12) issues of “Sports Illustrated” magazine from 1954/1955
  124. Civil War era CDV photo of General Ulysses Grant
  125. 1940’s Hubley kiddie toy Indy style race car
  126. 1930’s/40’s Auburn Rubber large toy race car
  127. Fabulous late 1800’s or early 1900’s professionally framed “Pretty Woman’ advertising litho print from the German-American Bank of Cape Girardeau, MO. This was probably a calendar top. (This is definitely pre-1918 as the bank changed its name then. The bank building still exists today.)
  128. Original 1901 Frederick Remington lithograph “A Breed”. It comes with a nice matte.
  129. Great! Civil War era Cartes de Viste photo album filled with CDVs and tintypes. The images include a nice photo of two bandsmen in uniform and both Lincoln and Grant family pictures.
  130. Lot of (11) great 1920’s or 30’s western cowboy and Indian themed color prints. These 9” x 12 ½” prints are not artist signed but would be great framed.
  131. Vintage 1928 Arcade cast iron toy sedan with rumble seat
  132. WWI U.S. Army summer weight tunic from soldier in the 318th Infantry. The 318th Inf. were known as the “Squirrels” in WWI.
  133. Decorated metal trinket box brought back by U.S. soldier in WWII (Middle East?)
  134. Ancient Native American Copper Culture tanged knife circa 1000BC (Pine River area of WI)
  135. Rare! WWII version of the “Uncle Sam” 3 coin register bank with Uncle Sam plate of front. This bank is common without the plate. You will find 100’s of these without the plate for every one you will find with one.
  136. Antique metal and glass still bank with original tag from the famous collection of Edwin H. Mosler, Jr.
  137. Ancient 1st Century oil lamp found in Jerusalem. It comes with original ID card from seller.
  138. State of California policeman’s hat badge (Entemann Rovin maker marked) and the officer’s Peerless handcuffs and key
  139. Antique policeman’s leather covered sap with woven head
  140. Antique policeman’s leather slap jack
  141. Rare! 1954 Federal Laboratories Catalog of Law Enforcement Equipment. Includes items such as tear gas, billy clubs, Ingram submachine guns, Colt pistols, Remington riot shotguns, badges, strait jackets, telescopic emergency lights and more!
  142. Civil War cased tintype of Union Infantry soldier in winter coat with cape. He is wearing a Hardee hat with infantry emblem on front (the case is split)
  143. Pre-WWII antique Lionel Train set in original box. The set includes the transformer, engine and cars all in their original orange boxes. The car and engine are tin litho, not plastic.
  144. 1950’s framed print of Charles Russell’s illustrated letter to George Farr in 1919. These vintage prints are very well done and collectible.
  145. Antique “Tavern Maid” bar gambling 5¢ tip/punch board for a ½ case of beer. It has a pretty girl carrying a tray of beers with her skirt hiked up to show her stockings.
  146. Antique “Hit ‘N’ Win” milk bottle design bar gambling 25¢ tip/punch board for a $100.00 main prize
  147. Vintage “Cutie Pie” pin-up design gambling 5¢ tip/punch board for a $1.00, 50¢ or 25¢ prize
  148. Vintage “Cigarette Girl” pin-up design bar gambling 1¢ early tip/punch board for 60, 40, or 20 cigarettes
  149. Antique “Big Two Bits” pin-up cover bar gambling tip/punch board. Various cash rewards.
  150. Antique “Over 7 Cigarettes” pin-up design bar gambling 5¢ tip/punch board where you could win 20 to 500 cigarettes
  151. 1961 half sheet movie poster for “The Purple Hills”. This western starred Gene Nelson and Joanna Barnes.
  152. 1956 half sheet movie poster for “Massacre”. This western starred Dane Clark and Marta Roth.
  153. 1964 half sheet movie poster for “Apache Rifles”. This western starred Audie Murphy and Michael Dante.
  154. Lot of (2) Big Little style books: 1941 “Air Fighters of America” and 1945 “Punch Davis of the Aircraft Carrier”
  155. Lot of (2) Big Little Books: 1937 “Rex Beach’s Jaragu of the Jungle” and 1934 “The Tarzan Twins” by Edgar Rice Burroughs
  156. Lot of (2) Big Little style books: 1938 “Jane Withers in Keep Smiling” and 1939 “Terry and the Pirates and the Giant’s Vengeance”
  157. Lot of (2) Big Little style books” 1947 “Bugs Bunny and the Pirate Loot” and 1946 “Mandrake the Magician and the Flame Pearls”
  158. Lot of (2) Big Little Books: 1934 “Chester Gump Finds the Hidden Treasure” and 1933 “Chester Gump at Silver Creek Ranch”
  159. Lot of (2) Big Little Books: 1938 “Blaze Brandon with the Foreign Legion” and 1936 “The Spy”
  160. Lot of (2) Big Little style books: 1943 “Brenda Starr and the Masked Imposter” and 1939 “Ken Maynard and the Gun Wolves of the Gila”
  161. Lot of (2) Big Little style books: 1945 “Gene Autry in Special Ranger Rule” and 1939 “Kayo and Moon Mullins and the One Man Gang”
  162. Lot of (2) big Little Books: 1938 “Wells Fargo” Paramount Picture Book and 1937 “Jack Armstrong and the Ivory Treasure”
  163. Lot of (2) Big Little style books: 1946 “Terry and the War in the Jungle” and 1939 “Zane Grey’s King of the Royal Mounted”
  164. Circa 1960 Marx Toys “Official Tales of the Wells Fargo” electric train set (missing track and transformer)
  165. Child’s late 1950’s Wyatt Earp outfit based on the TV show “The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp” starring Hugh O’Brian
  166. WWII German Wehrmacht dress sword. This is a dove head maker marked to Robert Klaas.
  167. WWII German Wehrmacht extra long dress sword. This is a dove head with no maker mark.
  168. Rare! “Los Peligros de Superman” – The Dangers of Superman Mexican lobby card. This was used for the George Reeves Superman episodes shown in Mexico.
  169. Riker mount with (10) Indian stone artifacts found in Benton Co., TN. Included are stunners/blunts/sm. hafted scrapers.
  170. Riker mount with 4 ¾” Indian stone scraper tool
  171. Riker mount with 3 ½” Indian stone spearhead (made of quartz)
  172. Choice from Riker mount with (2) large Indian stone spearheads. One measures 4 ¾” and the other about 3”.
  173. Choice from Riker mount with (12) Indian stone artifacts including blunts, arrowheads, drill points, etc.
  174. Large Riker mount with over (50) Indian stone artifacts
  175. WWII German miniature Mother’s Cross medal in silver. Mothers with six or seven children were eligible for this medal.
  176. WWII German Kriegsmarine/Navy bullion 4” uniform breast eagle
  177. Nice 1951 linen backed one sheet movie poster for the western “Fort Savage Raiders”. The movie starred Smiley Burnette and Charles Starrett (as “The Durango Kid”)
  178. 1956 Esquire leatherette pin-up desk calendar with Ernest Chiriaka art. All (12) months are present and the calendar is in its original envelope.
  179. Lot of (50) 1933 Lux Toilet Soap movie star premium 5” x 7” photos. This lot is still in the original envelope given to stores. The store was to hand out one photo with the purchase of a bar of Lux soap. Movie stars included are Jean Harlow, Ed Wynn, Robert Young, Mary Carlisle, Clark Gable, Joan Crawford and many more.
  180. Large 4 ½” x 3 ½” Indian stone celt (Found in Wood Co., Liberty Township in 1963)
  181. Indian notched stone ax/mallet head
  182. Pair of small Indian stone artifact celts. One was found in Wood Co., Portage Twp. in 1963.
  183. Indian stone artifact “Mano” (grinding stone)
  184. Vintage Indian sterling bracelet with red coral (signed SB)
  185. Vintage Indian sterling bracelet with red coral and turquoise
  186. Vintage Indian sterling bracelet with turquoise (signed JK)
  187. Nice old Indian necklace with beads, sterling fitting and large chunks of turquoise
  188. Choice of (4) old Indian sterling rings
  189. Choice of (4) old Indian sterling rings
  190. Antique Indian child’s sterling and turquoise bracelet (made of coin silver)
  191. Pair of vintage Indian/Native American carved fetishes. One is a black stone bear with an arrowhead tied to its back. The other is a carved turquoise bear.
  192. Antique German advertising pocket mirror for a shoe store. It has a monkey holding a shoe on it.
  193. 1860’s German porcelain souvenir figurine of P.T. Barnum’s Chang and Eng (Siamese twins)
  194. Pair of Indian stone artifacts: notched mallet head and banner stone with (2) drill holes
  195. Nazi WWII era Army cloth sports shirt eagle
  196. Lot of (4) 1930’s Grey Iron cadet toy soldiers
  197. Lot of (3) 1930’s Grey Iron figures: (2) cowboys on horseback G57 and G58 and mounted Indian G49
  198. Lot of (4) 1930’s Grey Iron toy RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) figures
  199. Lot of (3) 1930;s Barclay toy pirate figures (B-154)
  200. Lot of (6) 1930’s Grey Iron toy sailors in white figures (early version; one is an officer)
  201. Lot of (3) 1930’s Grey Iron toy sailors in blue (early version; one is an officer)
  202. Lot of (2) 1930’s Grey Iron mounted RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) troopers
  203. Lot of (3) rare! Grey Iron 1930’s Italian or English Desert officer toy soldiers
  204. Lot of (6) Grey Iron U.S. Army 1930’s toy soldiers
  205. Lot with Barclay 1930’s toy policeman and fireman figures. Also Manoil doctor figure and (2) nurse figures.
  206. Lot of (3) Barclay 1930’s toy army pilot figures
  207. Lot of WWII and late 1940’s FBI Investigator magazines
  208. Antique magic show poster for “The Great Chang and Fak-Hong’s United Magicians – Presents Noe Ark”. It measures 30 ¼” x 43” and was made in Spain (circa 1920).
  209. Large 1955 pin-up / nude wall calendar salesman’s sample
  210. 1949 MGM one sheet movie poster for Spencer Tracy and Deborah Kerr in “Edward, My Son”
  211. WWII propaganda poster “America is the loser too - when avoidable accidents stop production” and “The U.S. Army says – Make Haste Safely”. The Schlaikjer art poster features a worker with an eye injury.
  212. Antique Black-American folk art wooden figural wall hanger of a straw hat wearing blackbird eating watermelon
  213. Lot of (5) Civil War patriotic covers/envelopes
  214. Lot of (5) Civil War patriotic covers/envelopes
  215. Lot of (5) Civil War patriotic covers/envelopes
  216. Neat antique photo album for cruise to Jerusalem/Palestine area in the 1930’s. Includes samples of dried wildflowers and plants from the region.
  217. Large plate Civil War era tintype photo of (5) women – hand tinted
  218. Late 1950’s Nichols Industries “Spitfire” hip carried rifle cartridge firing cap gun. It was very similar to the Mare’s Leg that Steve McQueen carried in “Wanted – Dead or Alive”. This one is in the original box with holster and cartridges.
  219. WWI certificate to worker who helped in the sale of Liberty Loan Bonds as part of the 3rd Liberty Loan
  220. Antique pocket film strip viewer with Superman and Lone Ranger strips in their original box.
  221. 1950’s “Howdy Doody” toy official ranch house tool box
  222. 1963 Australian insert movie poster for the Jerry Lewis film “Who’s Minding the Store?”
  223. 1950’s Cheerios “Lone Ranger” pedometer mail-away premium
  224. 1947 re-release linen backed movie poster for the 1939 RKO western “Trouble in Sundown”. The movie starred George O’Brien.
  225. 1965 war movie inset poster for the film “Up From the Beach”
  226. Rare! Framed late 1800’s photo collage that hung in the offices of Bekin Van Lines / Omaha Van & Express Co. There are (4) photos of Omaha Van & Express Co. horse drawn vehicles and a center photo of Martin Bekin. The larger photos measure approx. 4 ½” x 7 ½” and the frame measures 17 ¾” x 20 ¾”.
  227. Circa 1900 tin litho framed advertising sign for J.B. Lewis Shoe-Maker of Boston. The sign features a cobbler making a pair of shoes.
  228. Framed 1989 professionally reproduced Tom Mix photo
  229. Choice from:
    • Gunsmoke #14 (1959)
    • Cheyenne #5 (1958)
    • Cheyenne #17 (1960)
    • Cheyenne #18 (1960)
  230. Choice from:
    • Amazing Spiderman #112
    • Amazing Spiderman #197
    • Amazing Spiderman #197
    • Amazing Spiderman #199
  231. Lot: Submariner #7 and Submariner #18
  232. Choice from:
    • Great Western #9
    • Have Gun Will Travel #7 (1960)
    • Annie Oakley #5 (1955)
    • Annie Oakley #8 (1956)
    • Annie Oakley #10 (1957)
  233. Lot: Batman #106 and Batman #182
  234. Lot:
    • Tarzan #43 (1953)
    • Tarzan #93 (1957)
    • Tarzan Annual #6 (1957)
  235. Lot:
    • Captain America #126
    • Captain America #127
    • Captain America #129
    • Captain America #130
    • Captain America #142
  236. Lot:
    • Hawkman #9
    • Blackhawk #218
    • Blackhawk #241
    • Blackhawk #241
  237. Lot:
    • Justice League of America #21
    • Justice League of America #40
    • Justice League of America #56
  238. Lot:
    • World’s Finest #144
    • World’s Finest #146
    • World’s Finest #158
  239. Lot:
    • Not Brand Echh #1
    • Strange Tales #165
    • Incredible Hulk #114
  240. Jan. 1947 “Fantastic Adventures” pulp
  241. Nov. 1946 “Amazing Stories” pulp
  242. May 1947 “Amazing Stories” pulp
  243. Lot of (5) 10¢ Woody Woodpecker comics
  244. Pair of 10¢ Walt Disney “Scamp” comics
  245. Choice from:
    • Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #138
    • Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #154
    • Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #213
    • Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #217
    • Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #219
    • Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #226
    • Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #229
    • Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #222
    • Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #227
  246. Choice from:
    • Walt Disney’s Donald Duck #58
    • Walt Disney’s Donald Duck #62
    • Walt Disney’s Donald Duck #63
  247. Lot with:
    • Dell Four Color #214 (1949) “Mickey Mouse and His Sky Adventure”
    • Dell Four Color #248 (1949) “Mickey Mouse and the Black Sorceror”
    • Dell Four Color #427 (1952) “Mickey Mouse and the Wonderful Whizzix”
    • Dell Four Color #886 (1958) “Bongo and Lumpjaw”
    • Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse #55 (1957)
  248. Lot with Superman #138 and #237
  249. Lot with Thor #144, #181, #183 and King Size Special #2 (1966)
  250. Lot with (4) 10¢ Walter Lantz “TV Funnies”
  251. Lot with:
    • Marvel Team-Up #9
    • Marvel Feature #12
    • Fear #1
    • Marvel Collector Item Classics #18
    • Marvel Tales #4
  252. Choice from 1940’s 10¢ Whiz “Captain Marvel” comics - #77, #82, #84
  253. Lot with Gabby Hayes Western #17 and #44 10¢ comics
  254. Choice of Gene Autry Comics:
    • #19 (1948)
    • #50 (1951)
    • #55 (1951)
    • #61 (1952)
    • #64 (1952)
    • #110 (1956)
  255. Lot with “Rocky Lane” #67 – (1955) and “Monte Hale” #83 – (1955) 10¢ western comics
  256. Lot with “Six-Gun Heroes” #30, “Wild Wild West, “Wagon Train”, “Six-Gun Heroes – Jingles and Wild Bill Hickok” #43
  257. Lot with 10¢”Donald Duck” and “Donald Duck Album” comics
  258. Lot with 10¢ “Adventures into the Unknown” #26 and #46
  259. Lot with (3) 10¢ crime comics including: “Real Life Tales of Suspense” #2, “Justice Traps the Guilty” #14 and “Gang Busters” #59
  260. Lot of (2) 1940’s 10¢ “Dick Tracy” comics
  261. Lot of (2) “Unknown Worlds” 12¢ comics #35 and #57
  262. Lot of Silver Age 12¢ DC Comics including “Lois Lane” #65, “The Atom” #22, “Strange Adventures” #210, “Mystery in Space” #76 and “Challengers of the Unknown” #35
  263. Lot with 10¢ “Caught” #5 (1957) and “Don Winslow” #64 (1948)
  264. Lot with 10¢ “Looney Tunes”, “Elmer Fudd” #888, “Porky Pig”, “Nancy” and “Woody Woodpecker”
  265. Choice of 10¢ “Roy Rogers” comics: #44 (1951), #45 (1951), #47 (1951), #55 (1952), #56 (1952), #97 (1955), #104 (1956), #112 (1957) and #144 (1961)
  266. Lot with “Green Lantern” #38 and #43
  267. Lot of (2) 10¢ “Jiminy Cricket” comic books #795, #989 (4-color)
  268. Choice of (3) 10¢ comics: “Wanted for Murder – The Dalton Boys” (1951), “Mutt &
    Jeff” #61 (1952/53) and “True Comics” #68
  269. Lot of (6) Silver Age Walt Disney movie related comics
  270. Lot of (2) DC “Action Comics” - #330 and #375
  271. Lot of (5) old TV show comics – “Lassie”, “Gentle Ben”, “Daktari”, “Hennesy” and “Man from U.N.C.L.E” (with “Ducky” from NCIS on cover)
  272. Choice of (15) misc. comics
  273. Lot of (7) “Our Fighting Forces” war comics
  274. Lot with 10¢ “Crime Does Not Pay” #128 and #129
  275. Lot of (3) “Our Army at War” Sgt. Rock war comics - #147, #160, #197
  276. Choice of “Tales of Suspense”: #58, #68, #75, #76, #77, #81, #82, #83, #85, #86, #87, #88, #89, #91, #93, #95 and #96
  277. Lot of (4) old war comics
  278. Lot with “Black Diamond Western” 10¢ comics #13, #14, #16 and #18
  279. Lot with “Black Diamond Western” 10¢ comics #20, #25, #26 and #27
  280. Lot with “Black Diamond Western” 10¢ comics #31, #33, #39, #41 and #43
  281. Lot with “Black Diamond Western” 10¢ comics #46, #47, #48, #49 and #56



Genesee Beer 12 Horse Team Photo

Genesee Beer 12 Horse Team Photo


Terms & Conditions

Cash or Check.  Photo I.D. required to register.  No Buyer's Premium on-site.

Absentee & Phone bids will be accepted on all items.  5% Buyer's Premium applies to off-site bids only.  Successful bidders will pay actual shipping and insurance costs.


NOTE:  We are not allowed to serve food at this venue.  The Courtyard will have sandwiches, chips & drinks available to purchase in the lobby area.  Casey's is just a block away...and several other options are right in the neighborhood.  Feel free to arrive with a sack lunch:)     Also, for those who arrive early: the hotel has a bistro that serves breakfast items/coffee that is open until late morning.


I-35; Exit at Oralabor Road.  Go East just past the interstate & turn left (north) at the stoplight by the Casey's convenience store.  Head north; the Courtyard is the second hotel on the right.   You may enter at any of the entrances, but the doors/parking lot on the East side lead directly the the event rooms. 

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