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Jan 19 , 2020


Selling on behalf of the new property owners: An excellent selection of restaurant equipment, furnishings, artwork, etc. (Former location of Sam & Gabe's in Urbandale, Iowa).

Preview: Scheduled for 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM January 18th; may change due to weather (hopefully not:).  Check the AuctionZip listing as it will be updated Saturday morning or call/text me for updates. Preview day of sale is at 11:00 AM.  Removal of items: Day of sale; Monday after the sale; or by appointment with the seller.  

See listing on Auctionzip for additional photos:

You may also view photos on this website:  Click on "Catalog" (not photo gallery); then click on each individual "lot/gallery"  to see a number of photos in each.  A cataloged list with Lot Numbers is posted below or available to download.  You may also download a copy of the color poster.

Equipment: Nice line-up from a higher-end restaurant! Some highlights: Two U.S. Cooler walk-in coolers (approx. 8x10); large U.S. Cooler walk-in freezer. Beverage-Air refrigerated prep tables. True 2-door undercounter refrigerator; True 3-door bar back refrigerators (2). Master-Bilt 3 door glass door cooler. Manitowoc Ice Machines. Southbend gas tilting skillet; American Range 6-burner; salamanders; fryer; broiler. Alto Shaam 500 TH/III Cook & Hold oven. Two Hobart mixers inc. M-802 dough mixer w/bowls & attachments; Hobart 4632 Meat Grinder. Robot Coupe immersion blender; Acme bench dough roller. Dough proofer. Bunn brewers & Bunn grinder. Eagle & other sinks (some new); Eagle ice chest. Several prep tables & shelving units; bread & tray racks; many prep inserts; storage containers. Scales, skillets, stockpots, etc.

Service, Catering: LARGE amount of dinnerware, flatware & glassware; tray stands. Warmers & chafing dishes. Paper goods, takeaway containers, etc. (large quantity).

Furnishings, Art & Office: Tables & Chairs; Barstools; Single & Double booth seating. LARGE quantity of artwork including neat slag glass panels (backlit); several very large giclee & other signed prints. Sam & Gabe’s sign. Computer & point of sale equipment; phone system. Several desks, desk chairs, file cabinets & other misc. furnishings.

Hope to see you at the Auction!

Terms: Cash or Check. Preview/Pick-up times to be announced shortly. 10% Buyer’s Premium. All items are sold “as is”; working condition (in some cases) is unknown. Buyer is responsible for disassembly & moving.
Absentee & Phone Bids are accepted on all items.  Please call if you need additional photos or info!

Catalog of Lots:
  1. American Range Salamander
  2. Rankin Delux RDCM 36 Broiler
  3. True 2-Door undercounter refrigerator TUC-48-LP
  4. American Range – 6 Burner Gas
  5. Fryer
  6. Rankin Delux RB-836 Broiler
  7. Small prep table
  8. Alto Shaam 500 TH/III Cook & Hold oven on SS table
  9. 6’ butcher block top/SS prep table
  10. Metro rack with Hatco Glo-Ray warmer
  11. Metro rack w/1 shelf
  12. Metro rack with APW-Wyott warmer
  13. Southbend gas tilting skillet (tag is missing – large model & in nice condition!)
  14. Hobart M-802 dough mixer with bowl & attachments
  15. Large stock pot
  16. Waring double Belgian waffle maker
  17. Utensil racks
  18. Misc. Utensils
  19. Hall China snail pots (Dozens)
  20. Plastic Covers on rolling rack
  21. Hobart mixer with bowl & attachments; on stainless table
  22. Acme Bench Dough Roller R11 on butcher block top table
  23. Large group of salt/pepper shakers
  24. Crate of misc. chinaware
  25. Misc. Utensils
  26. Halco fry cutter (wall mounted)
  27. Robo Coupe MP350 Turbo immersion blender
  28. Beverage-Aire refrigerated Prep Table
  29. Beverage-Aire refrigerated Prep Table
  30. Choice of Scales (Choice 1x)
  31. Shelf: Inserts, pans, storage
  32. Shelf: Inserts, pans, storage
  33. Shelf: Inserts, pans, storage
  34. Shelf: Inserts, pans, storage
  35. Shelf: Inserts, pans, storage
  36. Shelf: Inserts, pans, storage
  37. Shelf: Inserts, pans, storage
  38. Shelf: Inserts, pans, storage
  39. 3 Skillets
  40. US Cooler Walk-in Cooler (no floor)
  41. US Cooler Walk-in Cooler (no floor)
  42. Manitowoc Ice Machine
  43. Bread Rack
  44. Hobart Grinder 4032 w/attachments
  45. (3) Tray Racks
  46. US Cooler Walk-in Freezer (w/Floor) Approx 10 x 12
  47. Desk
  48. File Cabinet
  49. 4 Office Chairs
  50. Metal Shelf
  51. Desk
  52. Baker’s Rack
  53. White Leather Sofa
  54. Belvedere Vodka small reach-in merchandising cooler
  55. Shelf: Containers/Cups/Takeaway containers
  56. Shelf: Containers/Cups/Takeaway containers
  57. Shelf Misc: Guest Checks, bags, detergents, etc.
  58. Shelf: Cups, etc.
  59. 5 large wood Table Tops
  60. Decorative Metal (was mounted on something – not sure what/for windows possibly)
  61. CHOICE: Artwork & Prints (20+)
  62. Sam & Gabe’s Signs including neon
  63. Group of new stainless steel sinks including legs & hardware
  64. Group of 5 tables
  65. Misc & decorative items
  66. 14 (serving) tray stands
  67. Pair of large giclee’ prints: N. Millan signed & numbered
  68. Large Giclee’ print
  69. Large Print: R. Creedy Cloudbreak
  70. Decorative mirror – multiple round mirrors
  71. Round mirror
  72. Slag glass “wine & cheese” backlit artwork
  73. Slag glass (designed to be backlit) scenic artwork – Italian hillside
  74. Open shelf station with stainless steel top
  75. 3 Door Master-Bilt glass door cooler
  76. Proofing Cabinets (2)
  77. New 4-compartment sink with 2 drainboards
  78. Bunn LPG Grinder
  79. Bunn CWTF 15 Brewer
  80. Bunn CWTF 15 Brewer
  81. Warming Lights
  82. Catering Items: Coffee & Iced Tea
  83. Catering Items: Chafing Dishes, Etc
  84. Catering Items: Chafing Dishes, Etc.
  85. Catering Items: Warmers
  86. Catering Items: Misc
  87. Manitowoc Ice Machine
  88. Single booth seating with table
  89. Booster seats
  90. Choice of tables w/chairs (small dining room)
  91. Single booth/table
  92. Single booth/table
  93. Booth seating: 4 tables & booth seating; burgundy
  94. Booth Seating 3 tables & booth seating: black
  95. Booth Seating: w/tables & three chairs
  96. Choice of table/chair sets (includes small & large round tables, small rectangular tables.
  97. Planters (group of 3 – concrete)
  98. Choice of Bar Tables
  99. Booth Seating (2 tables)
  100. Group of 10 bar stools
  101. Group of metal chairs
  102. Group of metal chairs
  103. True 3-Door bar back refrigerator
  104. True 3-Door bar back refrigerator
  105. Eagle Underbar ice chest w/bottle wells
  106. Eagle single underbar sink
  107. Eagle 4-compartment underbar sink with 2 drainboards
  108. Eagle underbar ice check with bottle wells
  109. Freezer
  110. Juicer & misc. barware
  111. HP Laserjet printer
  112. Group of phone equipment
  113. Group of computer & point of sale equipment
  114. Dinnerware/Flatware
  115. Dinnerware/Flatware
  116. Dinnerware/Flatware
  117. Dinnerware/Flatware
  118. Dinnerware/Flatware
  119. Dinnerware/Flatware
  120. Dinnerware/Flatware
  121. Dinnerware/Flatware
  122. Dinnerware/Flatware
  123. Dinnerware/Flatware
  124. Dinnerware/Flatware
  125. Dinnerware/Flatware
  126. Dinnerware/Flatware
  127. Dinnerware/Flatware
  128. Dinnerware/Flatware
  129. Dinnerware/Flatware
  130. Dinnerware/Flatware
  131. Glassware
  132. Glassware
  133. Glassware
  134. Glassware
  135. Glassware
  136. Glassware
  137. Glassware
  138. Glassware
  139. Misc. Pans, skillets, etc.
  140. Misc. Kitchen equip
  141. Misc Kitchen equip
  142. Misc Kitchen equip
  143. Misc Kitchen equip

Terms & Conditions

Cash or Check. Preview/Pick-up times to be announced shortly. 10% Buyer’s Premium. All items are sold “as is”; working condition (in some cases) is unknown. Buyer is responsible for disassembly & moving.   Items may be removed on the day of sale, the Monday following the sale or by appointment set up with the seller.
Absentee & Phone Bids are accepted on all items. Please call if you need additional photos or info!

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