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Feb 10 , 2018

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Day of sale at 9:30 A.M.


Please join us for this great sale featuring 100 Lots of coins; plus, Militaria, Firearms & related items from the Civil War era on. Also included, is great collection of vintage handcrafted knives…some terrific examples!


Sale Bill Copy & Catalog are below.  NOTE:  Scroll down to the bottom of the catalog for additions (A, B, C, etc. Lots).  There you will find the firearms, custom knives & many other terrific items.  

Download a full Catalog under "Documents."

Helmets, Uniforms, Accoutrements: WWII US Army MP helmet & USN combat helmet/liner US liners w/insignia; Fantastic US WWI Uniforms w/insignia. Japanese Army helmet & canteen; WWII German backpack. Nice group of Vietnam-era items inc. embroidered boonie hat. Reference books re: German Uniforms.

Firearms, Edged Weapons & Related: Springfield 1863/1870 Trapdoor; Springfield M1903 w/sling; Enfield Jungle Carbine w/sling; Enfield No. 4 MK1 w/sling; M1895 Berlin-made Chilean Mauser; Remington Berthier MLE 190715; MKIII 22-45 .22 target pistol & more. M1933 SS dagger; Fairbairn-Sykes knife/scabbard (Wm Rogers). WWII USN Camillus & PAL fighting knives. WWI & WWII Wehrmacht dress swords. Several Japanese & other bayonets. Small bomb from Pearl Harbor. Dewat Japanese mortar shell & hand grenade. WWII US & German cleaning kits & ammo pouch. Antique powder horns. Also, vintage police-related items. Variety of holsters, belts & spur straps.

Special Mention: Knife Collection: Fantastic group of knives from Estate! Custom knives from D’Holder, Easler, McConnell, Kopp, Cheatham & many others. Great vintage bowies, fighting knives, etc. Some have scrimshawed or horn handles…a terrific group of handcrafted knives. Includes a rare PAIR of D’Holder knives custom-made/named on blade circa 1980.

Special Mention: Banner & USO: Rare! Canvas sideshow banner for “Great Battlefields of France” WWI Show. Handpainted w/side panels…a one of a kind museum piece! Great group of “Bob Hope USO tour” items dating back to Vietnam inc. jackets, gifts & ephemera.

Civil War/Span-Am era: Fantastic original “Carpet Bag.” GAR/Civil War vet’s medal collection in patriotic frame…excellent! Rare early-type Span-Am Vet’s Medal. Neat Span-Am grouping to IA Vet inc. ladder badge; many other Span-Am medal groups. Civil War warrants & documents.

Medals, Flags & Insignia: Named “Market Garden” AAF Air Medal group. WWII US Flight Surgeon’s sterling wings; USCG, Infantry & AAF/Air Corps rings. Excellent named medal groups inc. CBI (photographer) & USMC. WWII Japanese Flags; Japanese Red Cross Medal. WWII German parade-mounted medal group & dozens cap/hat badges. Armbands, patches & buckles; 1935 Sports award ribbon; 1939 HJ Nat’l Trade Competition Badge. More, inc. SA Sports badges & a variety of stick pins.

Ephemera, Posters, Trench Art, etc.: Many excellent named groups. Scrapbooks & photo albums. Very rare WWII German ephemera inc. Cigarette Card albums, books & postcards (inc. SS); Luftwaffe target photos; maps & passes; ration coupons from Netherlands. Terrific US Unit histories & souvenir items. WWII posters & many war related Movie Posters. WWI & WWII images & portraits. 1967 Jeep Army Pickup promo. Trench art shells, letter openers & wooden airplane. Great group of sweetheart jewelry!

Coins & Currency: Nearly 100 Lots inc. MANY key dates & very high-grade coins; most are slabbed PCGS or NGC. Gold: 1841 $10 U.S Gold (AU55). Silver Dollar Highlights: 1879-O (MS64); 1879-S (MS65*); 1880 (MS64); 1880CC 8/Low 7 (MS65); 1880-S (MS67); 1881-CC (MS64); 1882 (MS65+); 1882-CC (MS65); 1883-CC (MS65). 1928 Peace (MS62) & other high-grade Peace Dollars. Many other Morgan Dollars as well, including a RARE 1887 Mint Error Morgan Dollar (Struck-thru Obverse - PCGS MS64). Nice selection of slabbed Walking Liberty Half Dollars, slabbed Nickels. Plus, Large Size Notes, Silver Certificates, Bonds, some sets…a lovely group! See a full list on website.

February 2018 Militaria, Firearms & Coins & Custom Knives!
  1. WWII German State Service armband (with unit rubber stamped on it)
  2. Series 1914 Large Size $5.00 Federal Reserve Note
  3. 1940 German Mecklenberg 2000 Reichsmark Band with embossed eagle and swastika seal
  4. Series 1914 Lg. Size $10.00 Federal Reserve Note
  5. 1940 Prussian 500 Reichsmark Band with eagle and swastika background and rubber stamp
  6. Series 1923 Lg. Size $1.00 Silver Certificate
  7. Vietnam War P.O.W. bracelet (condition – new in original package)
  8. Series 1923 Lg. Size $1.00 Silver Certificate
  9. WWI U.S. Third Liberty Loan placard and door hanger
  10. Series 1934 A $10.00 “North Africa” Gold Seal Silver Certificate
  11. 1944 window card and movie poster for “I Love a Soldier” (starring Paulette Goddard and Sonny Tufts)
  12. 1944-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar MS64 in old PCGS “Rattler” holder
  13. 1952 window card movie poster for “Never WAVE at a WAC”
  14. 1945-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar MS64 in old PCGS “Rattler” holder
  15. WWII Japanese Army canteen with stopper and shoulder strap
  16. 1946-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar MS64 in old PCGS “Rattler” holder
  17. 1936 “Adolf Hitler” cigarette card album
  18. 1946-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar MS64 in old PCGS “Rattler” holder
  19. 1967 Banthrico International Jeep Army Pickup M-9363B metal promo (in original box)
  20. 1947-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar MS64 in old PCGS “Rattler” holder
  21. 1936 Nazi Wehrmacht pony fur backpack. Type with pony fur side panels and cover.
  22. Washington 25¢ Type 2 Blank – Mint Cancelled Brilliant Unc. (NGC)
  23. Japanese WWII Student Corps patriotic scarf with painted on Japanese characters and French writing
  24. Rare! Mint Error 1887 Morgan Dollar MS64 Struck-thru Obverse (PCGS)
  25. Japanese WWII “Meatball” flag with inked on characters
  26. 1921 Peace Dollar MS63 (NGC)
  27. Nazi 25 Years Faithful Service medal in original Wachtler & Lange box
  28. 1922 Peace Dollar MS65 (PCGS)
  29. WWII portrait photo of USN Seabee in dress uniform
  30. 1922-D Peace Dollar MS63 (PCGS)
  31. Great! Original Civil War era “Carpet Bag”
  32. 1922-S Peace Dollar MS63 (PCGS)
  33. WWI U.S. Army 40th Division soldier’s wool tunic
  34. 1923 Peace Dollar MS65 (NGC)
  35. Civil War veteran’s G.A.R. calling card. Soldier served in the Maine 7th and 1st Vol. Infantry. He was wounded at Spotsylvania Court House and had his right arm amputated.
  36. 1923-D Peace Dollar MS62 (PCGS)
  37. Nice large WWI portrait photo of Prussian soldier with his Kriegervereins-Ehrenkreuz II Klasse medal. Also included is his certificate for that medal and his certificate for the 1st class award of that medal.
  38. 1923-S Peace Dollar MS63 (PCGS)
  39. WWII U.S. Army MP helmet found at a farm auction with a group of U.S. Army helmets in 2013. The helmets were purchased, along with a jeep, by the farm’s owner in 1948-49 at a surplus auction. A copy of the Military Trader article about the helmets in included.
  40. 1883 No Cents Liberty Nickel MS65 (PCGS)
  41. WWI Performa letter from King George V to U.S. soldiers (on Windsor Castle stationery). Also included is the original envelope which was sent home with an Allied Flag Souvenir of France hankie
  42. 1883 With Cents Liberty Nickel MS65 (PCGS)
  43. Great! WWII dewat Japanese mortar shell. It has nice markings on side.
  44. 1885 Liberty Nickel VG10 (PCGS)
  45. Super! 1935 Nazi Sports Award Ribbon with Oak Leaves. It is from the Lugturmbergfest. “Der Siegerin” is the “Victor”.
  46. 1886 Liberty Nickel F15 (PCGS)
  47. Vintage U.S. Army Warrant Officer’s helmet liner with Air Defense Artillery insignia and 57th Air Defense Artillery Regiment insignia
  48. 1887 Liberty Nickel AU58 (PCGS)
  49. Vintage U.S. Army Major’s helmet liner with 33rd Infantry Division insignias on sides. The front lip of the helmet is painted light blue.
  50. 1890 Liberty Nickel MS63 (PCGS)
  51. 1930’s large hardcover (2) volume book set “Forward March”. It is a photographic history of WWI and the social upheaval that followed. This set was put out by the DAV.
  52. 1891 Liberty Nickel MS63 (PCGS)
  53. WWII Nazi Army/Wehrmacht backpack
  54. 1892 Liberty Nickel MS62 (PCGS)
  55. WWI 1916 dated trench art decorated artillery shell. The shell has fluting at bottom and a floral pattern at top.
  56. 1894 Liberty Nickel VF35 (PCGS)
  57. WWII Nazi Wehrmacht/Army dove head dress sword. This sword was made by Alexander Coppel of Solingen. It has the ALCOSO mark.
  58. 1895 Proof Liberty Nickel PR64 (PCGS)
  59. WWI Wehrmacht/Army dove head dress sword. This sword has no maker marks.
  60. 1888 Liberty Nickel XF40 (NGC)
  61. WWII Nazi Wehrmacht/Army dove head dress sword. This sword was made by Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie AG (WKC) Solingen and has a damaged sword knot on it.
  62. 1896 Liberty Nickel AU50 (NGC)
  63. Great! WWI uniform group to Sgt. 1st Class in the Transportation Corps at Large. He was a train fireman when he got to France and later served at Headquarters. The uniform has all its insignia (patches, discs, Victory Medal ribbon) and a Brotherhood of Railroad Firemen and Engineers WWI Service Medal. The uniform also has the pants and belt. With the group is his New Testament, Troopship card and copies and originals of his records. His overseas cap has a Railway Service EM disc.
  64. 1897 Liberty Nickel MS63 (NGC)
  65. Vietnam War era Navy dress uniform with all ribbons and custom made bullion rating. (Unusual USMC emblem on VN campaign ribbon?)
  66. 1899 Liberty Nickel MS65 (PCGS)
  67. Vietnam War era USN blouse with all ribbons and custom made bullion rating (possibly attached to USMC in VN. USMC emblem on VN Campaign ribbon)
  68. 1900 Liberty Nickel MS63 (PCGS)
  69. (10) original WWII souvenir B&W photos of battle at Kwajalein Atoll, Namur Island and Marshall Islands. They are in original envelope. (Includes dead Japanese soldier photos)
  70. 1901 Liberty Nickel MS62 (NGC)
  71. WWII cotton American Flag “Blood Chit”. This is a CBI theater issued one with the various languages needed by downed pilots in that area.
  72. 1902 Liberty Nickel MS64 (PCGS)
  73. WWI trench art letter opened with floral design on blade and fine engraving on the bullet/handle.
  74. 1904 Proof Liberty Nickel PR63 (PCGS)
  75. WWII German Kyffhauserbund/Veterans Leader armband
  76. 1905 Liberty Nickel AU58 (PCGS)
  77. WWII Nazi “Deutsche Wehrmacht” armband (civilians attached to the Armed Forces)
  78. 1906 Liberty Nickel MS64 (PCGS)
  79. WWII U.S. Army nurse’s photo album from the CBI (China Burma India) Theater of Operations. It includes photos of local natives, soldiers, Ledo Road, nurses and much more.
  80. 1908 Liberty Nickel Unc Details (PCGS)
  81. Hitler Youth Sieg Rune patch still on piece of shirt cloth
  82. 1911 Liberty Nickel MS64 (PCGS)
  83. WWII patriotic carnival chalk statue/figure. It is of a saluting soldier leaning on a red, white and blue column.
  84. 1912 Liberty Nickel MS64 (PCGS)
  85. WWII German Mauser rifle cleaning kit (marked on end lid)
  86. 1912-S Liberty Nickel VG10 (PCGS)
  87. WWII German Army aluminum knife/spoon combo utensil
  88. 1917 Walking Liberty Half Dollar MS63 (PCGS)
  89. WWII German Mauser rifle leather ammo pouch
  90. 1921 Walking Liberty Half Dollar F12 (PCGS)
  91. Nazi era map of Dusseldorf to Koln, Germany. It has large eagle and swastika on cover.
  92. 1921-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar F12 (ANACS)
  93. Nazi era “Der Ahnenpass”. This is the official genealogy document/booklet used to prove Aryan ancestry. This one has been filled out and has official rubber stamps on some entries.
  94. 1921-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar F12 (NGC)
  95. WWII U.S. Homefront cardboard poster “Help Prevent Soap Shortages – Turn in Used Fats”
  96. 1934 Walking Liberty Half Dollar AU58 (PCGS)
  97. WWI U.S. Army T-handled shovel
  98. 1935 Walking Liberty Half Dollar MS62 (PCGS)
  99. Nice WWI trench art letter opener made from large piece of artillery shrapnel (with Iron Cross design at midpoint)
  100. 1938 Walking Liberty Half Dollar MS62 (PCGS)
  101. WWI brass and copper souvenir cigarette lighter Eagle and Shield on one side – soldier spearing Imperial Eagle on the other side. The inscription reads “Glory to the United States”.
  102. 1940-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar MS63 (NGC
  103. Great! WWII era souvenir silk hankie with handpainted cartoon of naked blonde girl and sailor in bath tub. The caption reads “AND THAT MISS JONES IS THE WAY A TORPEDO WORKS”.
  104. 1934-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar MS64 (PCGS)
  105. 1958 insert movie poster for the war film “The Camp on Blood Island”. The poster has an image of a Japanese soldier about to behead a U.S. prisoner with a Samurai sword.
  106. 1937 Walking Liberty Half Dollar MS64 (PCGS)
  107. 1959 insert movie poster for the war film “Tank Commandos”
  108. 1939 Walking Liberty Half Dollar MS64 (PCGS – rattler)
  109. 1958 insert movie poster for the war film “Tarawa Beachhead”. The movie starred Julie Adams (Bend in the River, Creature from the Black Lagoon)
  110. 1924 Peace Dollar MS65 (NGC)
  111. 1960 insert movie poster for the war film “Battle of Blood Island”. The poster shows a Japanese soldier about to stab a prone U.S. officer with a knife.
  112. 1924-S Peace Dollar MS63 (PCGS)
  113. 1951 insert movie poster for the war film “Go For Broke”. This movie, starring Van Johnson, was about the heroes of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team (Japanese American unit)
  114. 1925 Peace Dollar MS64 (NGC)
  115. Civil War Confederate CSA $100.00 8% Bond issued in 1863. The bond still has all (11) of its coupons (splits along old fold)
  116. 1925-S Peace Dollar MS62 (PCGS)
  117. 1943 Nazi SS softcover book “Germanische Reihe”. These rare books were published by the Reichsfuhrer-SS, SS Hauptamt – DIII in Berlin.
  118. 1926 Peace Dollar MS64 (NGC)
  119. 1940 Nazi softcover book “Das Reich als Aufgabe” by Friedrich Schmidt. This book is complete with original dust jacket (seldom found).
  120. 1926-D Peace Dollar MS63 (PCGS)
  121. Vietnam War style souvenir jacket made from poncho liner. Back has “AN KHE”, a 1st CAV insignia with helicopter embroidered over top and VIET NAM 1965-66”. The front has an embroidered tiger and crossed U.S. and SVN flags.
  122. 1926-S Peace Dollar MS61 (PCGS) old “Rattler” slabbed
  123. Large Korean War souvenir silk fringed banner from a soldier in Battery C of the 213th Field Artillery Bn. of the 9th Corps. The banner is decorated with hand painted flags, dragon, Mt. Fuji, and city names from Korea and Japan. This unit distinguished itself during its service in the Korean War. (The 213th was part of the Utah National Guard.)
  124. 1927 Peace Dollar MS63 (PCGS)
  125. Vintage theater made 2nd Division Korea MP brassard. It has a nice Korean made unit patch and “Second to None” direct embroidered to brassard below the patch.
  126. 1927-D Peace Dollar MS63 (PCGS)
  127. Rare! Nazi SS propaganda postcard (with SS soldier wearing helmet)
  128. 1927-S Peace Dollar AU55 (PCGS)
  129. Rare! Nazi SS propaganda postcard (with Hitler Youth member)
  130. 1928 Peace Dollar MS62 (PCGS)
  131. WWII USMC First Amphibious Corps grouping with patches, hat emblem and marksmanship badge
  132. 1928-S Peace Dollar MS62 (PCGS)
  133. 1969 one sheet movie poster for the war film “5 For Hell”. The movie starred Klaus Kinski.
  134. 1934 Peace Dollar MS65 (ICG)
  135. 1970 one sheet movie poster for the war film “The Last Grenade”. The movie starred Alex Cord, Stanley Baker and Honor Blackman (Pussy Galore in “Goldfinger”)
  136. 1934-D Peace Dollar MS63 (NGC)
  137. 1968 one sheet movie poster for the war film “The Devil’s Brigade”. This movie was the story of the elite WWII U.S./Canadian unit, the “First Special Service Force”.
  138. 1934-S Peace Dollar AU53 (PCGS)
  139. Rare! Spanish-American veteran’s early type membership medal. This medal was worn between 1900 and 1903/1904 by Spanish-American War veterans in the group. This Bailey, Banks & Biddle made medal was changed when the group became the United Spanish American War Veterans in 1904.
  140. 1935 Peace Dollar MS64 (PCGS)
  141. Choice from collection of WWII sweetheart, patriotic, homeland and misc. pins, etc. This group of (24) items includes many rare and better pins including “V” for Victory photo pins and some gold and sterling pins.
  142. 1935-S Peace Dollar MS63 (PCGS)
  143. Choice from Lot 141
  144. 1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar MS62 (NGC)
  145. Choice from Lot 141
  146. 1878 7TF Rev of 78 Morgan Dollar MS63 (PCGS)
  147. Choice from Lot 141
  148. 1878 7TF Rev. of 79 Morgan Dollar MS64 (NGC)
  149. Choice from Lot 141
  150. 1878-S Morgan Dollar MS64 DPL (NGC)
  151. May 8, 1944 Time Magazine with General Wainwright on cover. The general had been in a Japanese P.O.W. camp for over two years at that point.
  152. 1879 Morgan Dollar MS64 (NGC)
  153. Souvenir card from the “Libby Prison War Museum” in Chicago circa 1890. The Civil War Confederate prison was moved to Chicago from VA in 1889. It then became a Civil War museum.
  154. 1879-O Morgan Dollar MS64 (PCGS)
  155. Rare! German Army issued ration coupons from occupied Netherlands in 1944.
  156. 1879-S Morgan Dollar MS65 w/star (NGC)
  157. WWII Safe Conduct Pass propaganda leaflet dropped on German soldiers by the Allied forces.
  158. 1880 Morgan Dollar MS64 (PCGS)
  159. Pair of WWII U.S. Army canned plaster bandages (from case dated 1-12-45). These are great for re-enactors.
  160. 1880-CC Morgan Dollar MS65 8/Low 7 (PCGS)
  161. Vietnam War 1966 K-2B USAF flight suit (Coverall, Flying, Man’s, Very Light)
  162. 1880-O Morgan Dollar MS62 (NGC)
  163. Vietnam War 1961 K-2B USAF flight suit (Suit, Flying, Man’s, Light)
  164. 1880-S Morgan Dollar MS67 Toned (NGC)
  165. Pair of WWII “V” for Victory – Bomber Captain window decals
  166. 1881 Morgan Dollar MS64 (NGC)
  167. USN WWII NACI-HO No. S-12 Western Pacific pilot’s silk escape/survival map. (The Navy maps are rarer.)
  168. 1881-CC Morgan Dollar MS64 (NGC)
  169. Riker mount to U.S. Army soldier in the U.S. Army Weapons Command – Japan in the late 1940’s to early 1950’s. Included are his patches and other insignia. (The Japanese made USAWECOM tab is rare!)
  170. 1881-O Morgan Dollar MS64 (PCGS)
  171. Rare! Nazi 1933 “Deutschland erwacht” cigarette card album. This was the earliest of the Nazi cigarette card albums and has all its cards. At the end of the book is a huge 12 ½” x 50 ½” fold out photo of 1933 rally. Many of these were taken out and framed. (These photos are often sold separately from the album.)
  172. 1881-S Morgan Dollar MS65 DPL (NGC)
  173. Lot of (3) 1967 dated U.S. Army Vietnam War rip-stop jungle fatigue pants
  174. 1882 Morgan Dollar MS65+ (NGC)
  175. Lot of (2) 1967 and (1) 1969 U.S. Army Vietnam War rip-stop jungle fatigue shirts from a captain in the Transportation Corps. Along with rank and branch insignia, the shirts have theater made U.S. Army strip and U.S. Military Assistance Command unit patch.
  176. 1882-CC Morgan Dollar MS65 (NGC)
  177. Neat! Spanish-American War Iowa grouping form Cpl. Charles D. Scheckler of the 49th Iowa Volunteer Infantry. Included is a cabinet photo of Scheckler holding his rifle. Also included is Scheckler’s Tama County Old Settlers Association 50 Year ladder badge. (Comes with research papers)
  178. 1882-O Morgan Dollar MS64 Toned (PCGS)
  179. WWII 328th Infantry Regt. grouping. Includes (2) different versions of the soldier’s 26th Infantry Division patches, his unit DI (on original maker’s card) and the soldier’s ribbon bars.
  180. 1882-O/S Morgan Dollar MS60 (NGC)
  181. 1921 ribbon with button for the 18th Annual Reunion of the Minnesota Cavalry Association of Civil War Veterans. The Minnesota Cavalry not only fought Confederate troops in the Civil War but also fought Indians in Minn.
  182. 1882-S Morgan Dollar MS65 (PCGS)
  183. Civil War Veterans reunion ribbon for the 6th Regt. Minn. Vol. Infantry at St. Paul in 1910. (This Regt. fought Indians in 1862 but later was sent south to New Orleans.)
  184. 1883 Morgan Dollar MS65 (NGC)
  185. Pair of WWII “Armed Forces Edition” paperback books. These books were condensed for wartime reading for servicemen and women.
  186. 1883-CC Morgan Dollar MS65 (NGC)
  187. Original 3rd Reich Nazi Hitler Youth sports jersey/A-shirt (with cloth RZM tag)
  188. 1883-O Morgan Dollar MS64 (PCGS)
  189. 1952 Korean War unit history for the 7th Infantry Div. (printed in Japan). It lists the Division’s Medal of Honor winners.
  190. 1883-S Morgan Dollar AU53 (PCGS)
  191. Wooden trench art B-17 airplane made by Staff Sergeant Wallace Banks in German P.O.W. camp (Stalag Luft. IV). Banks was captured on 9-22-44 after his plane “The Wrangler” (B-17 43-38294) crashed after being in a mid-air collision. He was one of five crew members to bail out.
  192. 1841 $10.00 U.S. Gold AU55 (NGC)
  193. Lot of (3) WWI U.S. Army .45 auto clip pouches (marked Russell Sept. 1918)
  194. Rare! 17 foot across canvas sideshow banner for “Great Battlefields of France” WWI show. This hand painted banner with side panels is in great condition. It is a one of a kind museum piece. The show traveled across the country re-enacting famous WWI battle scenes. It was painted by Howard Phillior of Newark, Ohio.
  195. Antique USN G-1 leather pilot’s jacket with (11) different patches. Three are nice vintage squadron patches including VP-6.
  196. Rare! German made vintage “Constabulary – Spandau Prison” U.S. Army patch
  197. Nazi 1 October 1938 commemorative medal (Sudetenland medal)
  198. Nazi Police cap badge (F.K.S. maker marked)
  199. 1930 United Spanish War Veterans 26th Annual Encampment – Springfield, MO 1930 medal.
  200. Nazi 13 Marz 1938 Anschluss Commemorative medal
  201. Nazi SA Gold Sports badge (numbered 273641)
  202. Nazi SA Bronze Sports badge (W. REDO maker marked)
  203. Nazi Eastern Front medal (with ribbon)
  204. WWI German Hindenburg Cross with swords medal (A&S maker marked)
  205. Lot of (3) Nazi stick pins (includes DAF, DRL sports badge and black bordered Nazi Party – possible SS?)
  206. Lot of (3) Nazi small organizational membership medals. Included are SA, NSKK and RDB.
  207. Framed pair of Nazi Police documents from The Hague (Den Haag) in Occupied Netherlands. One is a certificate (order) and the other is a pass.
  208. Lot of (3) 1920’s USMC recruiting blotters from the Denver, Colo. recruiting office at the Custom House
  209. 1936 Nazi “Hilf Mit!” calendar. “Hilf Mit!” was a Nazi children’s magazine.
  210. WWI document group to U.S. Army soldier in the 304th Field Artillery of the 77th Inf. Division. Includes pay book, discharge, Pershing letter, German/French phrase book, etc.
  211. Nazi WWII Black Wound badge
  212. Nazi WWII Silver Wound badge
  213. Span-Am War Veteran USWV Encampment reunion medal group including 33rd National Encampment – New Orleans 1931, delegate badge for 33rd National Encampment and 1930 Annual Encampment in Reading, PA
  214. 1945 WWII woven book mark on gift card with envelope. It reads “My Grandfather A Union Soldier of the Civil War 1861-1865.” It was sold on the 80th anniversary of the end of the war.
  215. Collection of (50) nice WWI glass lantern slides in original wooden case. Lot includes many great views.
  216. 1966 softcover book “German Infantry Weapons” from U.S. Combat Bookshelf and TM9-1985-3 “German Explosive Ordnance” March 1953
  217. Rare! Vietnam War jungle sneakers/boots (size 42) – type worn by French and V.C.
  218. 1971 rare Nazi reference book lot with: Uniforms of the SS Volume 4 (SS Totenkopfverbande 1933-1945) by Andrew Mollo; Uniforms of the SS Vol. 5 (Sicherheitdienstund Sicherheitpolizei 1931-1945) by Andrew Mollo; Uniforms of the SS (Waffen SS 1939-1945) by Andrew Mollo
  219. 1975 hardcover book “Hermann Goring from Regiment to Fallschirmpanzerkorps” by Bender and Petersen
  220. “Uniforms & Traditions of the German Army 1939-1945” by John Angolia & Adolf Schlicht hardcover book (Vol. 2 from 1986) – a hard to find great reference book
  221. 1996 “Uniforms & Traditions of the Luftwaffe – Vol. 1” by Angolia & Schlicht hardcover book
  222. Framed WWI U.S. propaganda poster “Beat Back the Hun with Liberty Bonds”
  223. Spanish-American War veteran reunion medal group. He was in Co. D of the 160th Indiana Volunteer Infantry (includes some research)
  224. Lot of (3) original WWII U.S. Army soldier’s O.D. handkerchiefs (Great for re-enactors)
  225. WWII souvenir desk plaque for 795 MP Battalion War Crimes Unit. It is a theater carved wooden plaque with the War Crimes Trial insignia painted on. There is a photo of a man and his girlfriend tacked to the back.
  226. Original WWII Japanese Type 4 ceramic “last ditch” hand grenade (dewat)
  227. Great! Nazi era document group to woman in the DAF. Includes passbooks and other assorted ID’s and letters. Also included is her post-war Soviet Zone ID (Anna Mahnke)
  228. Lot of (10) WWII issues of Kriegsbucherei der Deutschen Jugend”, a Nazi youth magazine
  229. Lot of (10) WWII issues of Kriegsbucherei der Deutschen Jugend”, a Nazi youth magazine
  230. WWII Japanese Red Cross medal
  231. Pair of WWII letter openers: 1942 trench art with bullet and plexiglass; Belgian souvenir mini bayonet type
  232. Japanese WWII helmet (no liner, replaced star). Still has 60-70% of original paint.
  233. Trench art WWI decorated 75mm shell casing. It is fluted with a shield in front of French and American flags.
  234. WWII USN combat helmet with liner. It was from Gun Mount 37 on the USS St. Paul
  235. Great! WWII U.S. propaganda poster “Award For Careless Talk”. The poster features a giant hand (with Nazi ring) holding an Iron Cross medal. This 1944 poster features artwork by Steve Dohanos and is one of the best posters done during the war.
  236. 1973 war movie insert poster for “Massacre in Rome” starring Richard Burton. Burton played the Rome Gestapo Chief Herbert Kappler in this film about the Ardeatine Caves massacre.
  237. WWI U.S. Army tunic with 32nd Infantry Div. patch, USNG and Infantry EM discs. It also has a round infantry patch.
  238. WWI U.S. Army overseas cap with US EM disc. It is size 7 1/8 and maker marked to the John B. Stetson Company of Philadelphia.
  239. WWII U.S. vet bring back Japanese long colorful scroll with sword carrying demon
  240. French WWI 1886/16 Lebel bayonet and frog
  241. WWII German K98 rifle cleaning kit (c n r 41)
  242. WWII USN MK1 Camillus Mfg. utility/fighting knife with scabbard
  243. WWII private purchase RH36 PAL fighting knife with leather sheath
  244. WWII Japanese “Meatball” flag with Japanese characters painted on (some staining)
  245. WWII Japanese “Meatball” flag with Japanese characters painted on (some small holes)
  246. WWII U.S. 1945 propaganda poster “Me Travel? – Not This Summer – Vacation at Home”. This Office of Defense Transportation poster features artwork by Albert Borne and measures 18 ½” x 26”.
  247. 1942 WWII U.S. propaganda poster “Bundles for Berlin” – “More Production”. This Melbourne Brindle art poster features two AAF servicemen loading bombs on to a plane.
  248. Pair of original WWII personal photos of a dead Japanese soldier. One shows a U.S. soldier posing next to the body. They both show the Japanese soldier with a rope around his neck and his feet covered with a camo poncho or parachute.
  249. Lot of (4) Spanish-American War veterans’ reunion/encampment medals
  250. Lot of (4) Civil War 1863 Quartermaster documents from the 2nd Corps near Falmouth, Virginia (shortly after the Battle of Fredericksburg)
  251. Lot of (3) WWII Douglas Aviation Tested Gasoline and Motor Oil aircraft prints. Two are Lockheed Interceptor and the other is a Douglas B-19 Bomber.
  252. Civil War 19 Regt. Wis. Vols. warrant document for John Gross, He was captured on Oct. 27, 1864 at Fair Oaks, VA (2nd Battle of Fair Oaks)
  253. WWII lot of 27 photographs of combat planes from a set of 32. They measure 4 ½” x 7 1/8”.
  254. Interesting WWI letter from soldier in the 89th Inf. Division
  255. WWII anti-Japanese booklet “The Yellow Peril (Japan) and Bible Prophecy” by Dan Gilbert, LL.D. Published in Grand Rapids, Mich. 1943
  256. Great! WWII sterling 3 1/8” Flight Surgeon’s wings. (Long pin with sterling back mark)
  257. Original piece of leather from Adolf Hitler’s 1939 Mercedes Benz. (with certificate of authenticity)
  258. Original WWII First Special Service Forces patch and book “The Black Devils” by Ray Routhier – a pictorial history of the FSSF (The Devil’s Brigade)
  259. Two binders of WWII letters from a WWII AAF soldier. Some are from training and the rest are from the CBI /China Burma India Theater of Operations
  260. Lot of (8) WWII envelopes sent from the CBI/China Burma India Theater of Operations. They have the CBI patch/insignia on them.
  261. Rare! Early Nazi cigarette card album “Manner und Ereignisse unserer Zeit” (Men and Events of Our Time). This is one of the scarcest of the Nazi era albums and includes cards of many of the founding members of the Party. The original owner took parts from two albums to help fill this one which is still missing cards. The Ernst Rohm card was torn out after the “Night of the Long Knives”.
  262. Lot of (3) rare “Battle of Britain” Luftwaffe mission target photos/maps for Liverpool and Bungay – Great Britain. They date from 1940-42.
  263. Unusual WWI Army overseas cap. Appears to be local made, not official issue.
  264. Vietnam War era 2nd Aviation BN 2nd Inf. Div. Korea large brass presentation plaque to W.O. B.C. Bigelow – Aviator. (Jan. 66 to Apr. 66)
  265. Great! WWII to VN USMC mounted medal group with ribbon bars and dog tags. None of his medals are named but there are two rows of medals with 12 medals total. The highest decoration is his Legion of Merit.
  266. Lot of (8) original 1963 “PT 109” movie lobby cards. This movie starred Cliff Robertson as John F. Kennedy.
  267. Great! WWII named CBI theater soldier’s medal grouping to a sergeant (photographer) at the Army Air Depot. Included in this group are his original G.O.’s, photos of the medal ceremony, his dog tags, his named Good Conduct medal and named Soldier’s Medal. He received the Soldier’s Medal for trying to free men from a basha (bamboo barracks) that collapsed during a severe storm. He was severely injured in the chest during the collapse but continued to rescue other soldiers until he passed out from shock and loss of blood. He spent weeks in the hospital recovering. The group is displayed in (4) Riker mounts.
  268. This lot came from the same soldier as Lot #171. It contains his ribbon bar, CBI patch, CBI silk pilot’s “blood chit” and a pilot’s CBI silk escape map. (All in one Riker mount)
  269. Souvenir hat from the 776th TAS with theater made unit patch
  270. Vietnam made “boonie hat” with theater embroidered “Vietnam – 77.72 – Kentucky”
  271. Original “Bob Hope USO Christmas Tour 1987” souvenir cast and crew jacket. It has the logo with Bob’s caricature on the right breast area. There is a large embroidered USO logo on the back.
  272. Original “Bob Hope D.O.D. Sixth Fleet Tour” cast and crew souvenir jacket. Great condition!
  273. Souvenir cast and crew gift metal tray from the Vietnam War “Bob Hope Christmas Show – Thailand 1971”
  274. 1971 letter and 16th Air Force patch from USAF Major General thanking Mr. Hostetler for his contribution to the Bob Hope Show (Vietnam War era)
  275. Vietnam War era Certificate of Appreciation from 8th Air Force Lt. General for 1972 Bob Hope Christmas Show on Guam
  276. Vietnam War era certificate from the 475th Air Base Wing in Yokota, Japan for 1972 Bob Hope Christmas Show
  277. Vietnam War Department of Defense Certificate of Esteem to Norman Hostetler for entertaining Armed Forces members in Dec. 1970
  278. WWII sterling USCG/Coast Guard ring
  279. WWII sterling 36th Infantry Division ring
  280. WWI sterling 139th Field Artillery Battalion ring
  281. WWII 10k gold and sterling AAF/Air Corps ring
  282. Pre-WWI Mexican Border Service sterling souvenir ring
  283. Spanish-American War “In Memory of the Brave Men of the USS Maine – Blown Up in Havana Harbor Feb. 15, 1898” ring
  284. Korean War M-1951 U.S. Army OD M.A.S.H. style cap/hat
  285. Neat WWII U.S. Army Martin Marauder bomber puzzle (complete). This was the B-26.
  286. 1972 Vietnam War era Submarine Service qualification plaque (with large metal dolphins insignia)
  287. Vietnam War era plaque for SSN 612 USS Guardfish. It has a submariner’s dolphins pinned to wood at top.
  288. Pair of (2) great Korean War / Japan Occupation hand-painted panels cut from soldier’s uniform bag. The soldier had them painted in Tokyo 1948-1951 (He was from Palmerton, Penn.). Both panels feature great pin-up girls.
  289. Choice from collection of German/Nazi cap-hat badges (Frame 1)
  290. Choice from collection of German/Nazi cap-hat badges (Frame 1)
  291. Choice from collection of German/Nazi cap-hat badges (Frame 1)
  292. Choice from collection of German/Nazi cap-hat badges (Frame 1)
  293. Choice from collection of German/Nazi cap-hat badges (Frame 2)
  294. Choice from collection of German/Nazi cap-hat badges (Frame 2)
  295. Choice from collection of German/Nazi cap-hat badges (Frame 2)
  296. Bag with (2) booklets from the training of Pfc. Joseph R. Juliano of the 9th Inf. Regt. of the 2nd Inf. Division
  297. Large Riker mount with the personal items of Pfc. Joseph Juliano. It includes booklets, CIB, metal insignia and patches.
  298. Herman Goring Nazi Luftwaffe cuff title brought back by Pfc. Joseph Juliano
  299. Nazi armband brought back by Pfc. Joseph Juliano
  300. Nazi Party membership pin brought back by Pfc. Joseph Juliano
  301. Nazi Police sleeve patch from Niederzissen brought back by Pfc. Joseph Juliano
  302. Nazi Army officer’s belt buckle brought back from Pfc. Joseph Juliano
  303. Pair of Nazi medals including Hindenburg Cross (no swords) and Nazi Police 25 Year Long Service medal brought back by Pfc. Joseph Juliano
  304. Pair of Luftwaffe patches (sleeve and breast) brought back by Pfc. Joseph Juliano
  305. Choice of miscellaneous Nazi items brought back by Pfc. Joseph Juliano
  306. WWI grouping related to the death of Edith Cavell on 12 Oct. 1915. British nurse Cavell was shot by a German firing squad for helping 200 Allied soldiers escape German occupied Belgium. The group includes photos and a book on her death.
  307. WWII era Nazi Hitler Youth 1939 National Trade Competition Badge. The badge reads “Kreissieger 1939” or Local Victory 1939. It is maker marked Ferd. Wagner Pforzheim. (These badges were awarded to the Kreiss level victors in the National Technical Vocational competitions.)
  308. Nice WWI U.S. Army uniform to soldier in “S” Company of the 341st Artillery of the 89th Division. Group includes tunic with EM discs (341st Artillery “S” Company and U.S.) and theater made 89th Div. artillery patch. Also included are the pants and overseas cap.
  309. Nazi parade mounted medal group with (3) medals. Included are the 1939 War Merit Cross w/o swords, silver Civilian Faithful Service medal and Sudetenland Medal.
  310. WWII Operation “Market Garden” AAF named Air Medal group. This group includes a named wrap brooch Air Medal to sergeant in the 44th Troop Carrier Squadron. Also included are his British-made Airborne Troop Carrier patch and his sterling Air Crew wings. With the group is a book about the 316th Troop Carrier Group in WWII. The sergeant is listed twice in the book.
  311. Late 1800’s celluloid pin back button with Civil War Union Army camp scene on it. (Made by St. Louis Button Co.)
  312. Nice vintage Fairbairn-Sykes British commando knife with scabbard. It is William Rogers-Sheffield England marked on the cross guard.
  313. Great! Antique small bomb brought home from Pearl Harbor. It has its original handwritten tag and was chromed and painted.
  314. Fabulous G.A.R. / Civil War Veteran medal collection in large oval glass patriotic frame. The collection features a giant G.A.R. membership medal with a reunion medal inserted in its center surrounded in the frame by two other membership medals and five reunion medal planchets.
  315. Japanese WWII Type 30 bayonet with scabbard (Toyado Arsenal)
  316. Japanese WWII Type 30 bayonet with scabbard (Kaneshiro Sakuganki arsenal)
  317. Japanese WWII Type 30 training bayonet with scabbard and frog

153a. 10” Blade Sheffield Bowie Knife; 15” overall length. Hand sanded; stainless mounts; 440C Stainless.
153b. Ralph Bone Bowie Knife. 10” Blade; 15.5” overall length. Wood handle; brass guard; brass & ebonized accents. “Dog Bone” mark on blade; L oo mark opposite side.
153c. L.A. McConnell custom knife. 6” blade; 9.75 overall length. L.A. McConnell w/cactus mark. Also marked 154-CM. February 29, 1836 engraved on blade.
153d. Vintage Hibben fighting knife w/sheath. 6” blade; 10.5” overall. Marked Hibben Knives.
153e. Bill Cheatham knife & leather sheath. 7” blade; 12” overall. Beautiful scrimshawed handle with ebonized accents. Scrimshaw is also signed.
153f. Western knife. W46-8. 7” blade; 12” overall. Has leather sheath.
153g. Todd Kopp “Wyoming Skinner.” Nickel silver fittings. Handle is Redwood Lake burl & impala horn. 6” blade; 11” overall.
153h. Ken Onion knife w/ leather sheath. 6” blade; 10.5” overall. Gorgeous handle!
153i. Knife marked LEE. 8” overall length; 4” blade; with leather sheath.
153j. Knife marked LEE. 8” overall length; 4” blade; with leather sheath.
153k. Campbell knife. Marked 165. 4-1/4” blade; 7-1/2” overall length.
153l. R.O. Easler knife; no sheath. 4-1/2” blade; 8-1/2” overall length.
153m. Western Bowie knife. 8” blade; 13” overall length. w/leather sheath.
153n. Cousino Knife w/sheath. 3.5” blade; 8” overall length.
153o. R.O. Easler knife w/sheath. 3.75 blade; 7.75 overall. Scrimshaw of wolf/mountain scene on handle by “DK.” Great knife:)
153p. PAIR: Gorgeous D’Holder Custom Knives. Made circa 1980 for John Paul Root who did Martial Arts exhibitions. Bowie weighs 4 lb 4 oz. 12.5 “ blade; 18.5” overall.
153q. Choice: From 4 smaller knives. Makers include: Ehoin, Cisco, J.R. Rodriguez - Teco
212a. Mauser Chileno Modelo 1895 7mm. Made in Berlin. Numbers matching. K9042
212b. British Enfield No. 4 MK1 .303 British. Original Sling. SNS29395A
212c. British Enfield Jungle Carbine No. 5 MK1ROF .303 British. 12/44. Original Sling. SND8114. Import marked.
212d. US Springfield 1863/1870 Trapdoor. SN35393
212e. Springfield Model 1903. .30-06 Boyt sling. SN497543.
212f. Ruger MKIII 22-45 .22 target pistol w/adjustable sights. Like new. 2 mags.
212g. Remington Berthier MLE 1907-15 8mm. Boyt sling. SN 267
212h. Neat! Holster & John Wayne style suede gun belt. Both are stamped “Stembridge Gun Rentals” which was one of the major prop rental houses in Hollywood. They DID provide props for many John Wayne movies; and this belt is his size…so who knows:)?
312a. M1933 SS Dagger. Excellent set of ebony wood handles. Blade has a few spots & shows signs of cleaning but is still in good condition. Scabbard is early style blued w/some small dings. Ball is damaged. Very good original example. No maker’s marks.
  1. 3 Wood Canteens/Water Tanker
  2. Powder Horns; 1 partial & 1 close to finished/powder flask
  3. Police officer items inc. holster; peerless handcuffs, Bianchi cuff case & hangers
  4. 2 Civil War era bone handle forks; set of wooden handle forks & set of vintage wood handle knives.
  5. Misc. small knives & antique sheath
  6. 3 large misc. knives; 2 with sheaths. 2 are made in Pakistan, 1 in Germany
  7. Misc. tools, antique razors, knife sharpener & magnifying glass
  8. 3 cartridge belts
  9. 1917 Marbles gun cleaning kit. US holster & goggles, misc pins
  10. 2 Billy Clubs & an axe
  11. US equipment belt w/canteen & unknown foreign ammo bag
  12. Misc leather holsters & spur straps (choice)
  13. Interesting Japanese made colt model gun; lawman MK3 (used in movie industry)
  14. Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Co Chilean Mauser bayonet
  15. Pattern 1907 Wilkinson bayonet dated 1918


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